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Stem Cell Treatment in San Antonio

Stem Cell Treatment in San Antonio

Stem cell therapies are encouraged by medical experts for the treatment of conditions and diseases that are considered as ‘hard to treat or prevent’. This is because the introduction of new stem cells into the body can help in the repair of dysfunctional tissues, cells, and organs. As a consequence, neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiac, and cosmetic conditions can be treated.


The Stem cell therapy at R3 Stem Cell is a regenerative medical procedure undertaken by our team of medical experts who acquire materials from patients or willing donors to create high-quality stem cells. These stem cells are then used for the treatment of conditions such as Lyme disease, Plantar Fasciitis, Phantom limb pain, SI joint pain, Tennis/Golfers elbow, Fibromyalgia, and Erectile dysfunction,


This Stem cell treatment is a procedure that is carried out in our clinical centers that can be found nationwide. Thus, people living in San Antonio can also get a stem cell therapy which is done by one of our certified doctors. We boast of the latest and modern medical facilities featuring cutting-edge technologies in our centers and as such, patients suffering from various conditions can get the best treatment.


Also worthy of note, is that our Stem cells are obtained from the patient’s body in regions that have a high number of stem cells. They can also be acquired from regenerative materials such as Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues that enhance the immune system. These materials are then processed in an FDA certified laboratory without radiation to maintain the concentration of stem cells and give the best outcomes.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative procedure carried out with the use of stem cells that migrate to regions of the body where cells, tissues, or organs are damaged. The regeneration of cells in the body helps to repair these defective tissues thereby restoring health. This therapy can be done by injecting Stem cells directly into damaged parts of the body such as the heart muscle, knee, or shoulder.


What Does The Stem Cell Contain?

The Stem cell is made of materials which promote fetal growth and the repair of the body. These are amniotic and umbilical tissues like Placental membrane, Amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, and Wharton’s Jelly. The functions of these regenerative materials in the body are not limited to the prevention of an infection and growth of tissues.


How Are The Regenerative Materials Acquired?

The regenerative materials used in our Stem cell treatment are amniotic and umbilical cord tissues. They are obtained from willing patients undergoing a c-section. These donors are tested to be healthy and they are not over the age of 35 which ensures that the materials acquired have a high amount of stem cells. After obtaining these materials, they are then processed in an FDA certified lab.


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

The best recommendation you can get for a Stem Cell procedure is by a doctor who has already diagnosed your condition to determine if you need treatment. That is to say, even though a stem cell therapy is necessary to facilitate the body’s healing, you still need a doctor’s verdict before undergoing therapy.

Thus, check here to make an appointment or consult with one of our certified doctors.


How is The Stem Cell Procedure Carried Out?

Our regenerative procedure is done in our clinical centers where a doctor carries out the stem cell treatment. Here, the processed stem cells are injected or infused through IV into the body of the patient. Also, this procedure does not require surgery or patient harvesting, allowing patients to come and go after receiving treatment.


To get a Stem cell treatment in San Antonio, all you have to do is book a free appointment with one of our doctors who will guide you through the processes involved and also schedule your treatment. Keep in mind that this is a regenerative procedure that does not take several hours before completion; hence you don’t have to skip work or school.


Please check here for more information on the R3 Stem cell treatment or Visit us at and call us at (844) GET-STEM for more information about our stem cell treatment.

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