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Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Mexico

Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction at R3 International


At R3 International, stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction in Mexico works exceptionally well. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons the therapy is performed and much more common than we ever thought.


Erectile dysfunction is an issue where men have issues either getting or maintaining an erection. Surprisingly, problems worldwide with ED affect men of all age groups, rising steadily after the age of 40. Forty percent of men at age 40 have some issues with ED, and this goes up to 70% of men at age 70!



In order to obtain an erection, there are four components which need to function correctly. These include the following:

  1. stem cell treatment ed mexicoVascular supply
  2. Hormone balance
  3. Nerve supply
  4. Psychologic


Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction


If any one of these is significantly affected, erectile dysfunction may occur. They may occur alone or in combination. Here are some of the potential issues men may face:


Vascular Supply


There are several issues that can lead to a blood flow problem in the penis, making it difficult to obtain or maintain erections. This may include high blood pressure (hypertension), or possibly diabetes. One of the big problems with diabetes is that blood flow gets affected, and just one of the secondary complications may end up being ED.


Kidney disease may also affect blood flow to the penis, along with previous trauma. The trauma and possibly Peyronie’s disease can lead to scar tissue affecting the ability of blood vessels to support erections.


Obesity may affect blood flow, most likely due to the vascular insufficiency caused by Type 2 diabetes. And another factor may be chronic alcohol or drug use.Stem Cell ED Mexico


Hormone Issues


Numerous hormonal imbalance issues may lead to ED. This may include low testosterone and/or thyroid hormone problems.


Nerve Supply


One of the most common problems when it comes to a nerve supply is post surgical such as with a radical prostatectomy. In the process of removing the prostate, surgeons will need to cut various blood vessels and nerves. This may lead to erectile dysfunction.


Men are not all affected the same, and it is a well known complication after a prostatectomy. I do want to mention that it is a normal complication and does NOT indicate malpractice or anything of that nature.


Having said that, stem cell therapy may be of significant benefit as I’ll discuss below.




This can actually be a huge factor. Stress, depression, anxiety and/or low self esteem may lead to ED.


ED Workup


When a medical provider performs the workup to find out why ED is occurring, various tests can help elucidate the cause and then assist with treatment options.


Blood and urine tests can elucidate if there is a hormonal problem, diabetes and other issues. Checking for high blood pressure is a straightforward test.


An overnight erection test can tell whether there is a psychological component. Normally men experience several erections during sleep. If these occur in a man with ED, then a psychological component is most likely involved.


Testing for a blood flow problem can involve an ultrasound. This can check for blood flow specific to the penis, and it can also look at blood flow to the kidneys as well. And another test may involve a vasodilation medication into the intracavernosal space. If an erection occurs, then it may also be indicative of blood flow insufficiency.


Traditional Treatments


There are several conventional treatment options available which may be effective for ED. Here is a list of them:


  • Lifestyle Changes
    • Losing Weight
    • Drinking Less Alcohol
    • Quitting Smoking
    • Counseling for stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Short Term Medications
    • Cialis/Viagra – works for 80%.
    • Injections/Suppositories – alprostadil, MUSE
    • Pumps – Vacuum Device or Shock Wave
    • Boosts blood flow to the penis.
  • Surgery
    • Penile Implant
    • Vascular reconstruction

Stem Cell Treatment Erectile Dysfunction Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction


First thing to mention with regards to stem cell treatment for ED is that it’s been VERY safe. We have never experienced a significant adverse event, and the published literature hasn’t identified one either. This is not to say complications are non existent, but the biologics themselves do not cause rejection.


There are five main ways that stem cells  act in one’s body:


  1. New blood flow – the biologic cells are incredible at promotion of new blood vessels after being injected.
  2. Reduced inflammation – not as big of a concern when it comes to ED, but the biologics help reduce inflammation which can be extremely helpful for autoimmune disorders, Autism and other conditions.
  3. Cell to cell communication (paracrine signaling) – this is probably the MOST important function of stem cells. They are very good at “telling” other cells what to do for regeneration and repair of tissue damage.
  4. Anti Apoptosis – this simply refers to helping cells stay alive. If cells live longer, and other cells are being created, then the positive effects may be substantial.
  5. Anti-fibrosis – this refers to prevention of scar tissue. Scar tissue can inhibit blood flow, so preventing it may be helpful.


Research Studies on Stem Cell Treatment for ED


In the video above, I have provided information on a few studies. An exhaustive list would take many pages, so the goal was simply show some of the indicative studies on effectiveness and safety.

As with so many conditions, stem cell therapy first of all has shown itself to be very safe. Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section. R3 does not use embryonic stem cells at all, only mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells. 


These do not lead to issues with rejection or tumor formation. We have never seen a deep infection either! Mostly what may be seen are minor adverse events such as nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, low grade fever as examples. And typically these resolve within 12-24 hours.

Treatment with R3 Stem Cell International


There are several reasons why stem cell therapy with R3 is one’s best option, both clinically and stem cell treatment mexicocost wise. We know based on our experience and many published studies that stem cell counts matter. The best outcomes with regenerative therapies involve stem cell counts that are at least 30 million.


For that reason, R3’s treatments start at 30 million stem cells for only $2950! There are no other treatment fees involved. However, many patients opt for 50 million stem cells at only $1000 more. Why? The reason is that a lot of patients benefit from additional cells intravenously for ED and for anti aging as well.


The process for stem cell treatment in Mexico starts with a free phone consultation. To get started, simply call us at +1 (888) 988-0515. We look forward to hearing from you and helping!

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