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Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Regeneration

Stem Cell Therapy for Corneal Regeneration

Our eyesight also helps us to see the world in various colors, dimensions, and shapes. However, when we lose this ability to see, our daily activities and life, in general, will become hampered and may be difficult to navigate. Though most of the eyes are closely protected by their bony caves, the outer parts of the eyes are still susceptible to scratches, wear and tear, diseases and trauma.

Stem cell therapy often involves the extraction and injection of adult stem cells into the body. These cells can differentiate into different types of cells and help the site where they are needed to regrow and repair. Stem cell therapy may provide lasting, minimally invasive, and effective treatments for compromised corneal.

The Cornea

The human eye encompasses the sclera, the cornea, iris/pupil, nerves, lens, aqueous and vitreous humor, and other structures. The cornea is a thin and transparent dome that covers the surface of the eyes and is the foremost protective barrier. It also shields the pupil and the iris. However, because the cornea is the outermost layer, it’s more inclined to injury, and a simple or profound scratch can cause infections that may cause corneal ulcers, or scars. The chances of permanent vision loss or other vision problems are higher if it’s left unattended.

Stem cell therapy for the corneal

Experimental studies and research show that various types of stem cells are found in different eyes. After injuries, the stem cells are triggered and will migrate to the injured area, where they secrete growth factors and cytokines that’ll promote the healing process.

When stem cells are introduced into areas with diseased tissues and cells, they divide and form new cells to address the problem. This method of operation makes stem cell therapy effective for the treatment of many ophthalmologic conditions.

Stem cell therapy for regeneration of the corneal involves extracting autologous stem cells from an individual’s bone marrow or adipose tissue and injecting the cells in the injured area where they differentiate and enhance healing and regeneration of the damaged tissue in the eyes.

Post corneal stem cell treatment

After the stem cell therapy in Phoenix, the patient will be expected and instructed to revisit the doctor after a particular period. This is to ensure that other rehabilitation programs like counseling, physiotherapy, etc are carried out for fast-tracked recovery.

The fact that it’s quite tough to obtain new organic elements of the eye is the reason why eye-related disorders treatments are quite challenging. And it’s for this reason that stem cell treatment for the eyes is very handy and innovative.

With many people suffering from different eye disorders today, stem cell therapy for blindness, regeneration of the corneal, and retinal care play an important role in treating eye conditions that have evaded permanent treatments for so long.

Where can I get stem cell treatment for eye Disorders?

You can get stem cell therapy for different ophthalmologic conditions at the r3stemcell centers. Our stem cell therapy in Phoenix Arizona doctors are ready to help you overcome a wide range of ophthalmologic, neurologic, autoimmune, urologic, and orthopedic conditions with safe, minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art regenerative procedures.

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