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Stem Cell Therapy Financing for Americans and Canadians

Stem Cell Therapy Financing for Americans and Canadians

Stem Cell Therapy Financing


Stem Cell Therapy Financing is Available

R3 Stem Cell International offers extremely effective and safe procedures for patients that can help with many conditions. These include autism, Lyme, kidney failure, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, spinal cord injury, MS, ALS, back pain, arthritis, autoimmune syndromes, failed back surgery, liver failure, COPD, Crohn’s disease, hepatitis, neuropathy and more.

These treatments are offered at several locations in Mexico for extremely competitive pricing, which starts at only $2950 for 30 million live stem cells. Therapies may go up to 200 million cells, depending on the condition and its severity.

Financing for these procedures is now available for both Americans and Canadians. R3 International’s stem cell treatment in Mexico attracts patients from all stem cell financingover the USA and Canada due to the quality biologics, amazing outcomes and high cell counts for such an affordable investment. Procedures are customized to the patient’s specific needs. This may include an injection, IV, intranasal, nebulizer, intramuscular, intralymphatic and possibly intrathecal too. Procedures may include a combination of the above.

Exosomes are frequently included too. Known as extracellular vesicles, they are very active in cell to cell communication. This can be very helpful in facilitating repair and regeneration of damaged tissue.

The financing option for Americans is through Lendvious, which is impressive. It allows a multitude of premier lenders to offer funding terms once the short application is filled in. So it’s one application and then individuals receive quite a few offers with repayment terms up to 60 months. Credit as low as 580 is accepted and the monies are received within days.

Up to $50,000 is available with the stem cell financing. Procedures don’t cost that much, in fact they start at $2950 for 30 million cells and go to $3950 for 50 stem cell financingmillion cells. But it is nice to know that higher amounts are available.

The Canadian financing option is with Medicard, which has been providing medical loans to the country of Canada for 25 years. None of the loans has a prepayment penalty, and Medicard offers competitive interest rates. 

According to R3 CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, “Our mission since Day 1 has been to provide highly effective and safe stem cell procedures in Mexico with high cell counts that are very cost effective. We never want finances to get in the way of patients receiving procedures that may produce life changing outcomes. So the financing options may help patients in that regard immensely!”

The stem cell therapies in Mexico at R3 International are unparalleled, with incredibly high cell counts. As the years go by, study after study have shown just how important it is for high stem cell counts in the treatment of medical conditions. A lot of conditions are treated on a weight based calculation, with anywhere from 1 to 5 million cells/kilogram being optimal.

The process for receiving treatment starts with a free phone consultation with one of our experienced stem cell doctors. He will review medical records, discuss the patient’s medical history and then make a treatment evaluation. About 70% of individuals are candidates for stem cell therapy.

To start the process simply call R3 International at +1 (888) 988-0515 today!


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