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Stem Cell Procedures for Getting Back on the Field Faster

Stem Cell Procedures for Getting Back on the Field Faster

Sports injuries are a common problem faced by athletes. Some of these injuries can even prove to be career ending as well. However, the latest developments in medical science have offered athletes a chance to get back on the field faster.

One of these developments is stem cell therapy for sports injuries. This therapy makes use of stem cells for treating the common injuries that are faced by an ath

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lete during his career. Stem cells have been found to be very effective in treating soft tissue injuries that frequently happen on the sports field and can help athletes in recovering quickly from them as well.

Stem Cells for Ligament Injuries

Stem cells have the remarkable capability of turning into any kind of cell that is required by the body. This quality of theirs makes them ideal for treating injuries that damage the tissues or ligaments of the athletes.

Stem cells can turn into the cell of the particular tissue or ligament that has been damaged in the injury and can thus help in its regeneration. This way the stem cells for ligament injuries can speed up the recovery process of an athlete who had injured his ligament while he was on the field and help him in returning to the field quickly.

Options for stem cell procedures for ligament injury include bone marrow or fat derived stem cell procedures, or amniotic derived stem cell injections.

Stem Cells for Tendonitis

Tendonitis is another sports injury that damages the soft tissues of the athletes, mainly their tendons which are attached to the muscles. Tendonitis usually takes a lot of time to heal and the recovery process can take months or even years. This is the reason why tendonitis is considered a career threatening injury. However, stem cells for tendonitis can help an athlete in getting back on the field in a relatively short time period. In this treatment method, the athlete’s affected tendons are injected with stem cells. These stem cells differentiate into cells, which repair the tendon damage and help the athlete in making a quick recovery from his injury.

One of the most interesting facets of stem cell therapy is the ability of the biology to help heal the tendon back to its pre-injury condition. This potential is very different from the body’s natural healing capability. Left to “its own devices”, the healing is not 100%, which can lead to future injury. The stem cells can heal the injuries faster, quicker and get the tissue back to 100%.

Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyStem Cells for Stress Fractures

Stress fractures are part and parcel of an athlete’s life. Since he has to constantly perform physically demanding activities, the elevated levels of stress can result in a fracture. These fractures need time to heal and an athlete might face a lot of time on the sidelines if he gets a stress fracture.

The discovery of stem cells for stress fractures is a hopeful sign for athletes as this treatment can help them in recovering from the fracture within weeks. The stem cells can turn into bone cells and repair the fractured bone within a short period of time. Thus, if you are an athlete suffering from a stress fracture and wants to get back on the field quickly, then stem cells for stress fractures is your best bet. it can save time and for professional athletes – TIME IS MONEY!

Even though stem cell therapy for sports injuries is relatively new, it has helped many athletes in recovering from their injuries in a short span of time. Research on stem cells is still ongoing and it is being projected that in a few years’ time stem cell therapy would overtake the traditional treatment methods used for sports injuries.

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