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Should You Leave the US for Stem Cell Therapy?

Should You Leave the US for Stem Cell Therapy?

Hi, it’s Dr. David Greene, Founder, and CEO of R3 Stem Cell, the nation’s leader in Regenerative Medicine Therapies.


I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the last year with people asking me, should I leave the country to have stem cell therapy? The answer I’ve always given is no, you don’t need to that anymore. Maybe in the past, when they, other countries were leaps and bounds ahead of where we are, but not at this point, and there are few reasons why. Cost, is a big issue, it’s gonna cost like 8, 10 times more than it will be here.


The second is, there is no FDA in other countries, you don’t know what you are going to get. No matter how you feel about the FDA here in this country, their role, they take it very seriously, they want to keep us all safe. So the regulations for the FDA-approved labs in this country such as the one where our biologic comes from, it’s really, really long, and it’s very particular, it’s very specific, and it’s very onerous.

So in order to be a successful lab in this country, you have to abide by those, the code of federal regulations, that our lab’s been doing that for the last 14 years successfully with no warning letters or anything. Okay, so FDA truly cares, they really want to keep us safe, and when I talk to people internationally, they love the fact that we have such a stringent FDA.


We got a lot of people internationally coming here to our centers for procedures because they really like the fact that they know what they’re gonna get with the biologics. You can’t say that when you go internationally, whether it’s gonna be a sheep embryo, or could be your own biologic that is cultured, and you end with some mutations that are being put back into you, not a great idea.


The third major reason though is what I’ve been seeing for the last 5 years is, there’s no data from international clinics that shows any better outcomes than what we are able to achieve now, here, in the US at our centers. The biologics have such high quality, they’re so pure, they have so many active regenerative cells involved, our providers are so knowledgeable and expert with the procedures.


We have 15 different protocols that we’ve developed over the last 7 years, and almost 11,000 successful stem cell therapies. It really does say a lot about our centers that the outcomes have been so stellar and completely safe. We haven’t had any significant adverse events in all that time. So nobody needs to leave the country anymore for stem cell therapy.


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