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Remver Consulting Comprehensive solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery by a veteran-owned business

Remver Consulting Comprehensive solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery by a veteran-owned business


Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) is basically a set of techniques and processes that will help organizations recover from a disaster and continue their usual business operations. The term is pretty broad, and it covers combined roles and functions of the business and IT during the aftermath of a disaster. Business continuity deals with the operations part of the business. The functions involved in this are designing and creating new policies along with procedures to make sure that essential business functions are carried out during and after a disaster. BC can include service availability issues, replacement staff, change management, and business impact analysis. IT Disaster recovery (DR) is focused on the IT or technology systems supporting critical business processes. It will define how an organization’s IT side will recover from natural or man-made disasters. Few processes in this phase include provisioning backup systems, server, and network restoration, and copying of backup data. Large and medium-sized organizations usually have a fully integrated BCDR plan in place, or they can also have separate BC and DR plans to deal with inevitable natural or human-made disasters. A successful BCDR program involves input from company executives and key personnel in every department. A critical first step is the creation of a Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan includes a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and provisions for ongoing employee training. A BIA is performed to determine which functions and processes must be prioritized to limit any unexpected interruption of service effectively. A BCDR Plan is developed to outline the necessary step-by-step procedures for successful prevention or recovery.

 The BCDR plans must have proper guidelines on how the employees will communicate, how they will do the job, and where they will go. The details will significantly depend on the scope and size of the company. For some information technology will play a pivotal role, and most of their functions would be focused on systems recovery. Security, Business, and IT leaders must focus on how they must work together to determine the type of plan that best fit their organizational needs. Failure to bring the Business into the planning and testing of your recovery efforts can be avoided by Remver Consulting’s  Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions. Remver Consulting helps design, implement, maintain, and enhance comprehensive Pandemic, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and IT Disaster Recovery Programs. Their innovative and strategic solutions include IT, Cloud, and Cyber Risk Assessments, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Pandemic, Business Continuity, and IT Disaster Recovery Plan development, Organizational Awareness, Tabletop Exercises, and Continuous Improvement. Remver Consulting is a veteran, woman, and minority-owned Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery firm that is based in Dallas, TX.

In conversation with Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, Founder and CEO of Remver Consulting

Q. Expertise is the first and biggest advantage of a right business consultant. How do you source the right talents to maintain the quality of your expertise?

We source the right talent through a combination of networking, LinkedIn, and Job Boards. For more than 20 years, our leadership team has formed an alliance of well-known and experienced consultants willing and able to provide top of the line IT, Cyber, and Cloud Security solutions.  

Q. Consultants do not come with guarantees, so there is always a possibility that you might not achieve the results you had planned when you had hired them irrespective of the cost. How can businesses overcome this uncertainty?

As a leading information technology consulting firm, we pride ourselves on providing 100 percent client satisfaction, being honest, respectful, and committed to our client’s success. Businesses can overcome the uncertainty of not achieving the results they had planned when they hired a consultant by having a clear agreement between the parties of the task at hand and the deliverables. Read your contracts. Always ask for weekly or biweekly status reports. You should sign-off on completed tasks before closing any projects. You should only pay for what you need. Do not get suck in into long-term contracts.

Q. Tell us in brief about your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions.


Globalization and real-time operations across the globe on a 24/7 basis will continue to grow and force enterprises to adapt to the new technological changes to include adopting cloud computing, consolidating data centers, migrating to third-party providers, and virtualizing systems in order to keep up with the new market demands, regulations, cybersecurity challenges, and new legislation. The way Remver Consulting is leveraging these trends is by establishing strong partnerships with worldwide companies, providing Disaster Recovery as-a-service Solutions (DRaaS), and State of the Art Cyber Security and Business Continuity tools in order to enable organizations to transform their risk and cybersecurity posture and reduce risk. Our goal is simple; We want to empower every organization with the knowledge and tools they need to build cyber-resilient and business-resilient enterprises and stay ahead of risk and attackers. The alignment of business requirements with IT recovery capabilities means the synchronization between business processes/functions, applications, servers, IT infrastructure, people, facilities, and 3rd party suppliers. Your company’s future depends on your ability to continue to perform your business processes (pay employees, supply chain, manufacturing.) We help our clients stay /remain in business with strategic and State of the art DRaaS solution because being down is high of a risk when your competitor is up and running. Companies cannot afford downtime anymore is the reality of the world that we live in today.

Q. To bring out the story, share one or more case studies where your company has helped its clients overcome their challenges and attain desired outcomes with your innovative array of solutions.

Many companies that we have worked with had no idea about which servers were critical, let alone which applications were essential or of a high priority to the business areas (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3). If you asked our Clients what their organization would do if all of its systems went dark one day, all of them would answer that question with confidence.

The era of writing long Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery plans is gone. We don’t write business continuity plans for the shelves, we write them for the users, implementers, and stakeholders. In other cases, companies implemented new continuity capabilities by allowing employees to bring their own devices, e.g., laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Still, they forgot to assess the new risk and threats to the organization to minimize disruption of business operations should the devices were compromised. In addition, how do you tell your employees that when they leave the company, their personal devices must be wiped-out? Shouldn’t the employees be aware of this policy before they agreed to utilize their own devices? We help organizations with identifying risk and putting policies and procedures in place to mitigate risk (e.g., reputational, legal, financial) and unnecessary headaches. Today, we are facing an unprecedented crisis in our Nation with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic, resulting in a potential economic depression. We have all felt the blunt force of this pandemic in some way on a personal level. In times of crisis, leaders must rise to the challenge, and Remver Consulting is here to lead the way. In the face of unparalleled tests, Remver Consulting will guide business leaders on how to do more with less, modernize their companies and communication, and develop methods of getting things accomplished efficiently.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Remver Consulting is launching Complimentary Pandemic Plan Reviews for businesses. In the event of pandemic influenza, businesses play a crucial role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as limiting the negative impact to the economy and society. Planning for pandemic influenza is critical. Our complimentary Pandemic Plan Reviews are our way of giving back to our communities and the world (Tikkun Olam‎: Repairing the World). Remver Consulting is committed to helping limit/prevent the spread of diseases, and educating businesses around the globe about pandemic preparedness, response, and recovery. The very least we can do as an organization for Tikkun Olam is to review what organizations already have in place so that together, we can make this world a better and safer place to live and thrive.

Q. What are your trajectories for the next 5 years?

High innovative leaders manage Remver Consulting. I hold a doctorate degree in Organizational Development and Change. We are always evaluating and implementing corporate innovation initiatives to invest in startups and new technologies. We are a future-thinking firm, always being proactive by staying ahead of trends. Only future-thinking firms like Remver Consulting can strategically customize Cloud, Cyber, and IT Disaster Recovery solutions for future-thinking businesses. Some of the major ventures that Remver Consulting is considering investing in are startups or new technologies to position our company for future success. Instead of purchasing or licensing products in a standard buyer-transaction, we would be investing in outside companies or acquiring a stake in their technologies.

Meet the leader behind the success of Remver Consulting

Dr. Claudia E. Tatum, SSI, PCP, CHS-1, is the Founder and CEO of Remver Consulting. A decorated military leader with intense experience in Strategic Planning, Enterprise Risk Management, IT Disaster Recovery, IT Project Management, Cyber Resilience, Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Audit, and Compliance. She is an expert in protecting organizational assets through risk mitigation techniques and cost-effective strategic solutions. She has experience in empathizing, establishing rapport, and reaching a broad range of customers from diverse backgrounds.

“We believe that if you want to achieve real business resilience you need comprehensive, innovated, and strategic solutions to work for you. That is why Remver Consulting provides nothing but the best business resilience solutions, to provide both instant and long-term results.”

“At Remver we are dedicated to providing superior and long-lasting solutions without long-term commitment/contracts. With us, you only pay for what you need.”



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