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Relief For Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Relief For Sacroiliac Joint Pain

        Sacroiliac joint pain is a large word for the pain you may be feeling in your lower back. It is most often felt when you stand up from a sitting position. Unfortunately, the sacroiliac joint is very shallow making it prone to problems and abnormal movements. It is the most important joint for transferring weight from the upper body to the lower body, which can make its instability at times dangerous. Fortunately, some treatments and therapies exist to help people suffering from sacroiliac joint pain.


        The main causes of pain resulting from the sacroiliac joint include excessive joint movement or too little joint movement. Too much movement can be caused by ligament and muscle weakness, while too little movement may be caused by arthritis or other spinal problems. Pain can also be caused by inflammation of the joint which may result from playing certain sports, falling on the joint, or jogging. People who suffer from sacroiliac joint pain may notice it being dull some of the time while experiencing a sharp pain at other points. Standing or walking may aggravate the pain in some cases.

        Sacroiliac joint pain is a common cause of back pain for many people. It becomes more likely to occur as people age, if they have a sedentary lifestyle, or if they are obese as it puts more pressure on the joint. This type of pain can be particularly difficult to diagnose because it mimics other causes of back pain such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, disc hernias, and muscle or ligament strains. Once sacroiliac joint pain is accurately diagnosed, a treatment plan can be formed. This typically consists of medication, physical therapy, and in severe cases, surgery.


        An up and coming form of relief for those suffering from sacroiliac joint pain is stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy can help repair and regenerate damaged tissue the sacroiliac joint that may be leading to pain. In addition, it does not come with the same level of risks and side effects that are associated with medication or surgery. Many people who develop sacroiliac joint pain are older in age. 


 As a result, many people in this age category may not be candidates for surgery. Stem cell therapy offers an alternative to surgery that is accessible to people of any age. It can greatly help reduce the amount of pain these patients feel while still having very little downtime.


        People who suffer from sacroiliac joint pain may notice their quality of life greatly diminishing. In addition to taking time to diagnose accurately, current treatments can be time consuming and dangerous. Many people do not want to continue going into an office month after month for physical therapy, manual manipulation, or steroid shots. 


         Besides, prescription medication may not be a viable option for all patients, particularly those with a history of substance abuse. Surgery comes with a significant amount of risks and may make dealing with the pain seem worth it. Fortunately, stem cell therapy allows patients suffering from sacroiliac joint pain to find some level of relief that does not come with many associated risks.


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