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Read This Before Undergoing Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

Read This Before Undergoing Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy Has a Critical Flaw

We get asked frequently how good adipose stem cell therapy works. Rather than offering a short answer, I’d like to elaborate on adipose (fat) as a regenerative tissue.
While in the body, adipose tissue has a ton of regenerative cells in it. These cells require considerable amounts of oxygen, which they receive as our fat has an excellent blood supply in the body.

Most Adipose Stem Cells Die After the Procedure


This is a critical difference between regenerative cells that come from the products of conception such as the placenta or the umbilical cord. Those tissues do not require a considerable amount of oxygen. When adipose tissue is acquired during a mini-liposuction and processed in the room for a stem cell procedure, a problem occurs. Once those stem cells are placed into the area being treated such as the knee or the hip joint, they receive very little oxygen in their new home. Research has shown that over 85% of those cells subsequently die within just a couple of days.


So people think they are getting these super high cell counts, when in reality most of those cells will never be able to live to do any of the necessary repair work. This is why adipose stem cell therapy has been losing popularity in the US for years!


What About Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)?


One of the modifications that centers sometimes offer for adipose stem cell therapy is to add some enzymes to the fat such as collagenase. This is the procedure called stromal vascular fraction. While this additional step does offer benefits, the FDA has come down hard on this procedure. In fact, they recently filed an injunction against over 100 Centers performing this adipose procedure modification. So it is actually not allowed by the FDA in the United States.


Even if the procedure were allowed in the US, no data has shown that adipose stem cell procedures (even as SVF) work better than umbilical or amniotic regenerative procedures. Plus there are potential risks from the liposuction procedure itself.

As a result, what we are seeing is that adipose stem cell therapy is rapidly falling out of favor in the United States. Over 99% of the individuals calling into our centers and being seen want to discuss either amniotic or umbilical cord tissue stem cell procedures. These procedures utilize donor tissue that does not cause a rejection in the body, is safe and is strictly regulated by the FDA.


R3 Stem Cell has over 30 centers nationwide that have performed over 10,000 successful procedures. And we have not seen any rejection, deep infection, allergic reaction or disease transmission. There are MILLIONS of live regenerative cells in the amniotic and umbilical cord tissue. Download our Consumer Guide HERE.


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