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R3 Stem Cell Is Redefining Regenerative Therapies

R3 Stem Cell Is Redefining Regenerative Therapies

Traditional medical approaches to most chronic disease conditions are often very helpful, but limited at the same time due to a lack of breakthrough advancements that could actually address the root cause of disease. Ongoing development in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine is reshaping today’s healthcare platform. As we continue talking about this field, let us introduce R3 Stem Cell, a company that provides stem cell and regenerative therapies both domestically and internationally. 

Handpicked as one of the Most Innovative Companies, R3 Stem Cell was established in 2012. We got in touch with Dr. David L. Greene, the CEO of the company. Let’s know more about R3 Stem Cell from this interview. 

Take us back to the founding moment when your company began.

R3 Stem Cell began in 2012 during my time in the executive program at ASU’s WP Carey Business School. During our Entrepreneurial class, I put together a project for a Medical Center for Stem Cell & Laser Therapy that could help many thousands of people dealing with chronic, debilitating conditions.


Over that semester I ran the business plan through Professors at the ASU Law School along with the ASU experts in Business Analytics, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, and also the Dean. At the end of the process, R3 Stem Cell was born. Since then the company business model has been altered over 10 times, and the company continues to grow every year!

Every journey has a few roadblocks and challenges. What were yours? How did you overcome them?

As providers and patients around the world realize that regenerative therapies work well and are safe, their use has increased exponentially. On the one hand, this has been fantastic as the “adoption curve” progresses, but it has also created a lot of competition!

Many providers and manufacturers disseminate unrealistic claims or call their treatments “stem cell therapywhen it actually isnt. So it has been a challenge dealing with unethical competition spreading inaccurate information.

How have we dealt with it? Weve taken the approach of disseminating accurate educational videos including our Stem Cell Master Class, which includes four hours of information for prospective patients. We started training providers with in-depth education on biologics, supplements, procedure techniques, and realistic expectations for their patients. Also, we make sure our products are top of the line, so providers can feel comfortable using them with regards to both effectiveness and safety.

Another challenge we’ve faced over the years is when our affiliated providers have gone to biased training and are fed outright lies while there. This is the main reason I started R3 Medical Training, so providers not only receive accurate, evidence-based information, but also get to learn with real procedures on real patients

Can you brief us about your products and services?

R3 Stem Cell and its sister company Regen Suppliers provides all the needs for regenerative practices. Implementing a first-rate regenerative practice should be done correctly, or it shouldnt be done at all. R3 provides marketing, treatment protocols, clinical training, a large peer to peer network, and first-rate biologics as well that have a superior safety record and come from FDA Certified labs


Product options include amniotic allograft, umbilical cord tissue, exosomes, PRP kits, adipose kits, cryogenic freezers, thread lifts, supplements, microneedling devices, and more.

Tell us a few factors that make your company an innovative hub in today’s global market.

As a company, R3 has worked very hard to meet the demands of providers and patients looking to incorporate regenerative therapies and improve quality of life. We don’t just offer high-quality regenerative biologics, R3 offers training workshops where providers can learn the clinical skills necessary to become adept in the procedures.

Along with quality biologics and training, R3s marketing division generates over 5,000 prospective patient leads every month. No other regenerative company assists practices through the entire customer journey the way R3 does. Services include marketing, patient and provider education, clinical training, and every kind of firstrate biologic a practice would need to help patients. 

Where do you see your company a couple of years from now? 

In a couple of years, R3 will grow from 40 affiliates to over 80 in the US, and our International Centers will grow their procedure numbers to over 500 per year collectively. Regenerative therapies are the future of medicine, and the growth has been and will be exponential! 



Along with a remarkable increase in the numbers of procedures, R3 Medical Training will continue to increase the numbers of courses being offered. Attendees love the hands-on courses including real procedures on real patients, and we offer veterans and first responders free procedures during the workshops (The R3 Heroes Program). To date weve helped over 100 veterans, hopefully, we can help over 500 in the next two years! 



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