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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy- All You Need to Know

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy- All You Need to Know

This regenerative technique or method uses high blood platelet platelets to stimulate the healing process in damaged tissues. It doesn’t end here, it is an effective solution to help people rejuvenate skin and regrow hair.

Thus, PRP treatment is becoming a new way to treat medical conditions in the future.  In fact, many studies indicate that PRP can be an excellent alternative to painful surgeries. Let’s delve into the details, find out what PRP therapy is, how it works, and what it can treat.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an effective substance to promote healing. Note that plasma is one of the most important components of blood. It contains some special proteins and factors to help blood form clots when required—the proteins in plasma support cell and tissue growth. Experts prepare PRP by separating or isolating plasma from a patient’s blood and directing it to the affected area.

The injected platelets into damaged tissues stimulate the body to produce healthy and new cells. The entire process is very effective in promoting healing. As the growth factors of tissues are more concentrated in the PRP injections, medical professionals think it helps body tissues heal faster.

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How It Works

PRP treatment in Phoenix, AZ starts withdrawing blood from the patient’s body like a normal blood draw.  Physicians then place it in a special centrifuge.  The centrifuge separates the blood into mainly two layers within minutes.

Physicians or PRP experts extract the blood portion that contains platelets, growth factors, and cytokines into a syringe.  Once extracted, doctors inject it into the area of injury and affected area.  It is worth mentioning that the separated PRP blood portion is more platelet-rich than the regular blood.

Application of PRP Therapy

As mentioned above, PRP therapy or fat-derived stem cell therapy has many applications. Some of them include;

Tendon Injuries:

Tendons are thick tissue bands that are tough and connect muscles to bones. They don’t heal fast after an injury. Many medical professionals have started using PRP therapy to treat tendon problems, including tennis elbow, ankle’s Achilles ankle, and jumper’s knee. It can also treat the injury in the patellar tendon (knee area).


Acute Injuries

Doctors use PRP therapy to treat many sports injuries such as knee sprains and pulled hamstring muscles.


Postsurgical Repair:

Many doctors use PRP therapy to speed up recovery after surgery.  The effective PRP injections help repair torn tendons, including the shoulder’s rotator cuff tendon and ligaments such as the anterior cruciate.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) has become a popular treatment with several applications and benefits spanning various medical specialties.  From cosmetics, orthopedics to orthodontics, PRP treatment in Phoenix, AZ can treat medical conditions using a non-invasive and effective method. 

All in all, Phoenix stem cell treatment is great for promoting growth and healing.  You might not notice its effects immediately after injections, but it benefits you with lasting results.

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