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Platelet Rich Plasma FAQ

Platelet Rich Plasma FAQ

           Regenerative medicine techniques have become more popular in recent years. In addition to offering patients low-risk alternatives to medication and surgery, many regenerative medicine techniques are also quick and can be used for a wide variety of ailments. Stem cell therapy tends to get all the limelight when it comes to regenerative medicine. However, it is not the only form of regenerative medicine. Platelet-rich plasma is a great alternative for many current therapies and is gaining popularity every day for patients suffering from arthritis to patients who want to look younger.


Q: Is platelet-rich plasma therapy dangerous?


A: While all medical therapies will come with a level of risk, platelet-rich plasma therapy comes with one of the lowest levels of risk. In fact, the biggest risk is typically the risk of infection due to the injection. Platelet-rich plasma is derived directly from the patient’s own blood. This means there is no risk of rejection. So in short, platelet-rich plasma is not dangerous. Aside from potential infection due to injection, the biggest risk is that it simply is not as effective as expected. 


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Q: What does platelet-rich plasma therapy do?


A: Platelet-rich plasma therapy is in a way, self-explanatory. It involves creating a concentrated vial of plasma that is rich in platelets from a patient’s blood. Platelets are used by the body to heal various injuries. As a result, when platelet-rich plasma is injected into a damaged part of the body, it speeds up the healing procedure. In addition, platelet-rich plasma has become very popular for aesthetics. “Vampire facials” use platelet-rich plasma to increase collagen production and help the skin to appear young. 



Q: Can stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma be used together?


A: Absolutely! In fact, stem cell therapy tends to be more effective when used in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma. Stem cell therapy has natural healing properties on its own. It is able to create more cells the body may need in order to repair itself. Platelet-rich plasma helps in this healing process by speeding it up. When platelet-rich plasma is used in conjunction with stem cell therapy, the result is better than using either alone.



Q: Is platelet-rich plasma therapy effective?


A: Platelet-rich plasma therapy is effective and there are plenty of studies and testimonials to back it up. For so long, medicine has only offered medication or surgery as treatment plans. Medication can have severe side effects such as making people feel ill, become dependent, or be difficult to sustain financially. Surgery comes with significant risks including paralysis and death and is not always guaranteed to work or make things better. In some cases, it can even make a patient’s situation worse. Fortunately, PRP treatment Arizona, with the development of platelet-rich plasma therapy, things have changed.

Now, patients can undergo platelet-rich plasma therapy with PRP treatment in Phoenix, AZ with very few, if any side effects and they have the ability to see significant improvements in their quality of life. 


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