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Staying Fit In New Orleans, Louisiana
The French Quarter in New Orleans, LA
In “The Big Easy,” sometimes it is easier to kick back with friends, especially in the hot summers. Staying active, however, is one of the best ways you can ensure that you are maintaining your physical health. It also has the added benefit of relieving stress. Check out some of these wonderful options in New Orleans:

  • Indoor Cycling: Over the past few years, indoor cycling has seen a big increase in interest. This high-energy form of cardio is set to fun music and generally includes a weight lifting break in the middle of class. Check out Cyclebar, Tour Cycle Studio, or Romney Studio for some of the most popular classes in the city.
  • Dance: A nice cross-section between exercise and socializing; dance can help with balance, coordination, and even mental acuity. The types of dance classes available in the city seem endless, but check out Dancing Grounds, New Orleans Dance Academy, and New Orleans Ballet Association for their offerings.
  • Crossfit & Powerlifting: Building muscle helps you burn calories even when you are at rest. It also helps with joint and tendon strength as well as improved bone density. Consider checking out a CrossFit or powerlifting class at Crossfit Nola or Big Easy Crossfit.
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Eating Healthy In New Orleans

There is no doubt that everyone can eat well in New Orleans with the cornucopia of fantastic cajun and international fare available. Eating healthy, however, can sometimes be a challenge. The following are a few options to keep your dining out nutritious and light:

  • Carmo: This Warehouse District restaurant boasts tropical flavors and a long list of vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Satsuma: Bywater is a lovely neighborhood with cafes, art galleries, and more. This eatery has great morning options, including tofu scrambles, fresh-pressed juice, and excellent coffee to get you going.
  • Sneaky Pickle: With a name like this, you may not be sure what to expect — another great Bywater option with an almost all-vegan menu, including a delectable faux burger option.
  • City Greens: Old Metairie is home to this wonderful salad bar featuring greens grown at local hydroponic farms.

Tulane University & Stem Cell Research

Tulane is one of the best schools in the United States. Tulane created the Center for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine in 2000 to further the field in terms of uses for diseases such as multiple sclerosis and different forms of cancer. One of their focuses of research is on tissue regeneration, a principle used often by regenerative therapies such as those offered by R3 Stem Cell. Visit of the center’s participating faculty’s lab pages to learn more about their research and to view published, peer-reviewed studies on stem cells and regenerative medicine.

The New Frontier Of Regenerative Therapy

Stem cell research has been around for decades, but as science and technology advances, so too does our ability to study it further. Because of recent advances in stem cell research, we here at R3 Stem Cell have begun to introduce therapies that can help a variety of different issues with fantastic success. Our mission is to keep abreast of new research and also to add to the body of research as we participate in case studies and clinical trials.

How R3’s Therapies Work

Our therapies are sought after because they are personalized. What this means is that when you visit one of our centers in Louisiana, we will work with you to find a course of therapy that best matches your medical history and current health goals. We also aim to help your tissues restore themselves, not merely mask the symptoms with things like pharmaceuticals. If you live in New Orleans and are interested in setting up a free consultation, call 844-GET-STEM.

Doctor holding a spun plasma vial for a prp treatmentPharmaceuticals Vs. Biologics

Because pharmaceuticals have reigned supreme for so long and have so much money, doctors often fall back on them to treat their patients. This is very appropriate in many cases, but research is finding that the use of biologics can be as effective if not more so for certain health concerns. Biologics are naturally derived organic substances that range from entire cells to cellular components or a combination of both. These biologics can travel through the body and target tissues that need to be restored.

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Biologics In The Body

Once a biologic is introduced into the body, usually through injection, it makes its way towards the parts of your body that need a rejuvenation. Many of our therapies work in conjunction with your immune system to help reprogram tissue that might be working suboptimally. Other biologics are used to increase cell growth so that dead tissue can be replaced with functioning tissues. All of our biologics are processed in sterile labs and contain the highest quality components.

Treating Pain

Every day we see individuals who deal with pain. It is one of the most common issues and can be associated either with everything, from aging to sports injuries to chronic respiratory problems. If you are suffering from pain, consider seeing us for a free consultation. During this consultation, we will explore your medical history as well as provide many educational resources so you can make an informed decision about your health care. Call us at 844-GET-STEM to find out about our centers closest to New Orleans.

Forms of Therapy

R3 Stem Cell doesn’t just offer stem cell injections but a whole variety of different therapies. Each therapy is designed to target specific problems and uses different forms of biologics. Our Louisiana centers may provide the following options:

  • Secretomes
  • Amniotic Stem Cells
  • Umbilical Cord Stem Cells
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections
  • Growth Factors & Other Hormones

Stem Cell Fast Facts

  • Stem cells are a hot topic in today’s science and medical fields because of the diverse uses they can be involved in.
  • Stem cells, which tend to come from fat cells and bone marrow in adults, can turn into a few different cell types. Because of this, they can be used to treat different tissues all around the body.
  • Stem cells from developing organisms are known as pluripotent because they have the added benefit of being able to turn into all cell types, making them a bit more powerful.
  • Stem cells do not need to come from aborted fetuses.
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Our Commitment To Our Patrons
A New Orleans woman speaks to her provider about stem cell therapy
We know that health care decisions can be scary and sometimes overwhelming, mainly if you’ve been dealing with your issues for some time. We encourage you to reach out with your concerns as our highly trained staff is here to help you. We offer educational seminars, webinars, and a free consumer guide to help you learn about the techniques we use every day. R3 Stem Cell has performed tens of thousands of procedures all over the nation. Visit the Success Stories portion of our website to see testimonials of our work.

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