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Our Long Beach, California R3 Stem Cell Center
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The main focus of our R3 Stem Cell Center in Long Beach, California, is to help our patients get their lives back through the incredible healing powers of regenerative therapy. Our amazing team has years of experience with thousands of individuals in this growing field of medicine. R3 Stem Cell offers everyone who walks through our doors the opportunity to become symptom-free with several innovative procedures. Your initial consultation is always free at all R3 Stem Cell Centers so we can determine if you are a good candidate before proceeding. If you are interested in learning more about regenerative therapy and all its amazing benefits, visit our webpage and read the free educational materials we provide. Visit our R3 Stem Cell providers in Long Beach to start your new life free of discomfort.

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What Is Regenerative Therapy?

Regenerative therapy is an incredible field of medicine that can harness the powers of our own body to speed up healing processes. When the body is injured, it will naturally release compounds that aid in reducing inflammation, stimulating new cell growth, and increasing blood and oxygen circulation to the area. Some of these compounds include stem cells, growth factors, exosomes, mRNA, and cytokines. Regenerative therapy uses these compounds to help the body heal at a faster rate than they usually could. These techniques only use methods we already naturally have in place, minimizing the chances of negative side-effects. R3 Stem Cell of Long Beach can help you shorten your recovery time after an injury.

How Are Stem Cells Used In Regenerative Therapy?

Stem cells are commonly used in regenerative therapy because of their amazing ability to become new, healthy cells. Every cell we have in our body began as a stem cell at one point. Stem cells are the origin of all the other specialized tissues, organs, and bones that we have. They are found in fat tissue, bone marrow, umbilical cord tissue, and amniotic fluid. When stem cells are taken out of our body, they can be programmed into a therapeutic injection that replaces damaged tissue and relieves painful symptoms. R3 Stem Cell has safely performed thousands of procedures involving stem cells.

What Regenerative Therapies Are Available At R3 Long Beach, CA?

At the R3 Center of Long Beach, our team can utilize several different forms of stem cells, as well as platelet-rich plasma therapy, to help heal our patients and relieve their pain. The therapies we can use within our clinic are:

  • Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells:These stem cells can be found in the center of our bones within the marrow. They are harvested through a long, thick needle that can penetrate bone.
  • Fat-Derived Stem Cells:These stem cells can be found in any fat tissue in the body. They are easy to harvest and do not decrease in abundance when we age.
  • Amniotic Fluid-Derived Stem Cells:These stem cells are found within the amniotic sac that holds a growing child. They can be harvested from the surrounding fluid without damaging its integrity.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: This form of therapy involves plasma from our blood rather than stem cells. The plasma of blood contains a large number of growth factors. Growth factors stimulate new cellular growth and proliferation.
Our Nationwide Centers Have Completed Over 13,000 Stem Cell Procedures.
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How Can Patients Benefit from Regenerative Therapy At The R3 Center of Long Beach?

Our team at the R3 Center of Long Beach has the knowledge and experience you need to get back to your normal self. We have seen the benefits of regenerative therapy and the wide variety of ailments it has helped heal. R3 Stem Cell Centers have performed over 60,000 stem cell and PRP procedures for our patients so that you can feel safe in the hands of our experienced staff. During your free initial consultation, we will determine if your ailment will benefit from our therapeutic procedures to ensure your health needs are met. Come in today to speak with us about what regenerative therapy can offer you!

Long Beach, Californina man holding neck in painHow Does Regenerative Therapy Differ From Other Pain Mangement Methods?

Regenerative therapy can be an amazing addition to your pain management routine, and may even replace it. Regenerative therapy techniques can eliminate painful symptoms and heal your ailment. This greatly differs from other forms of pain management that only cover up the pain, rather than fixing the problem. Many patients report no longer feeling the effects of their traditional pain management after a long period. Regenerative therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows your body to heal naturally and much faster than surgical procedures. The recovery time after your procedure is lessened because regenerative medicine helps heal the minimal damage caused by injections. Learn about how our R3 team of Long Beach can help you successfully begin a new method of pain management.

When Do I See The Results From Regenerative Therapy At R3 Long Beach?

At the R3 Center of Long Beach, we take our patient’s health goals seriously. We want to ensure you get the results you want out of your procedures. Our staff creates a unique plan just for your needs and specific ailment. Results can vary from patient to patient, depending on several factors. Patients who are experiencing severe symptoms and pain may need multiple procedures before they achieve the relief they desire. Most patients can find relief from their symptoms after only a few procedures. During your free initial consultation, we assess the severity of your condition and develop a plan for your symptoms. Visit our experienced team at the R3 Center of Long Beach to see what our regenerative procedures can do for you.

WhatAilmentsHasRegenerative Therapy Helped With?

Regenerative therapy can help so many different symptoms and relieve discomfort. Some of the common health concerns our R3 Center of Long Beach has successfully relieved are:

  • Hair Problems
  • Cosmetic Concerns
  • Pain After Trauma
  • Chronic Joint Pain

If you believe that R3 Stem Cell could help you get back to feeling like your old self again, come in for your free initial consultation today!

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How Is R3 Stem Cell Making A Difference For Their Patients of Long Beach, California?
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R3 Stem Cell of Long Beach, California, is committed to helping all of their patients become free of their pain and discomfort! Our ground-breaking procedures have allowed thousands of people just like you get back to living a normal life. We provide free educational materials, free initial consultations, and a support system for you and your family during your time with R3 Stem Cell. We want to make a difference in your life, so call 844-GET-STEM today and begin learning about all the amazing therapies we have to offer.