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Lincoln, Nebraska
The Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln
Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska.  It is a college town and has been rated one of the top 3 cities with the best quality of life.  In addition to being a college town, Lincoln is home to many retirement communities due to its easy way of life.  Lincoln, NE, generally has good air quality with its wide-open plains.  While the quality of life is superb, some people in the area do still suffer from various ailments that can be helped with regenerative medicine.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the use of the body’s own healing power to repair the damage done to affected tissues.  When regenerative medicine was first getting started, the main talk was primarily around stem cells and their miraculous abilities.  While stem cells are still a very large part of regenerative medicine, they do not tell the whole story.  Regenerative medicine encompasses a wide range of bodily products such as growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, and mRNA.  All of these products can be found in what is called “products of conception,” which include amniotic fluid, placental membrane, Wharton’s Jelly, and umbilical cord tissue and blood.  Researchers are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully understanding regenerative therapy and what it means for medicine in the future.

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Why Is Regenerative Medicine So Popular?

Regenerative medicine seems to get more and more popular as the years go on.  When stem cell therapy was first introduced to the general population, many people were skeptical.  However, after seeing what feels like “miraculous” results, regenerative therapy has grown in popularity.  Our regenerative therapy procedures have become popular amongst those in Lincoln, NE, because they do not require any harvesting, they are safe, they are consistent, and they deliver excellent outcomes.  It is for these reasons that patients continue to come back to our R3 Stem Cell offices to help ease the chronic symptoms they may be experiencing.

Is A Cure Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, even with all the advances in medicine, it is impossible for anyone to ever guarantee a cure.  Each person’s body is unique, and therefore, what works for some people, may not work for others. While we may not be able to guarantee a cure, we have seen firsthand how regenerative therapy has helped many people from Lincoln, Nebraska, to live happier and have a better quality of life. Our R3 providers have a great success rate with an array of different ailments.

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Lincoln, NE man with chest painWhat Risks Exist When Using These Kind Of Treatments?

While it is improper to say a medical procedure has zero risks, regenerative therapy does ring very low on the risk scale.  No steroids are used in this procedure, which means there is not a risk of creating a hormone imbalance.  They do require injections, which means there is some risk of infection, bleeding, nerve injury, or allergic reaction.  Of course, disease transmission and rejection are potential risks.  However, all R3 biologic products that are used go through extensive screening to ensure the donor is disease-free, and all DNA markers are removed to prevent the risk of rejection.

In most cases, as long as the procedure is being performed by trained staff, the biggest risk to our Lincoln patients is that the procedure is not 100% effective. However, when compared to the risks of other medical procedures such as surgery or medication injections, these risks seem relatively low.  We are a huge advocated for regenerative medicine because it utilizes the body’s own material to help heal itself which overall, results in less risk to the patient as opposed to inserting a new and foreign substance into the body that is not normally present.

How Long Will It Take Me To Recover?

Regenerative medicine shows great results, but those results look different on each person.  Each person’s body is unique.  And, just like each person has a different healing time when breaking a bone or contracting the flu, the time it takes to see results from regenerative medicine will vary person to person.  Some people may only need one injection and be feeling better the next day.  Whereas others may require multiple injections and not feel better until months into the procedure.

Regardless of how long it takes, one thing we do know is regenerative medicine has a much quicker recovery time than other procedures.  Many of our patients who come from Lincoln, NE, have undergone surgery to address their ailments.  Surgical intervention typically requires weeks, if not months of downtime.  Even then, oftentimes, the surgery does not work to improve the problem.  When patients undergo regenerative therapy, they are typically up, walking, and performing typical day to day activities the same day or the day after.

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I’m Interested In Regenerative Therapy.  What Do I Do Next?
A Lincoln man holds grandson on shoulders
Great! We are happy to hear you are ready to take the next step in obtaining a better quality of life. We highly recommend taking a look at our educational materials online before moving any further.  This can help you to educate yourself and get a better understanding of what happens with regenerative medicine.  After reviewing the educational materials, we recommend you call our office at 844-GET-STEM to discuss if you may be a good candidate based on your condition.  If so, we will recommend you come into our closest location to Lincoln, NE, and have a free in-person consultation visit in which you can speak with one of our physicians and determine the best plan to address your ailments.