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Learn about the REAL Potential of Stem Cell Therapy in Arizona

Learn about the REAL Potential of Stem Cell Therapy in Arizona

The current clinical studies on stem cell manipulation, structure, and therapy allow people to understand the real potential of stem cell therapy. Today, many people with different medical conditions can opt for potential disease treatments without undergoing painful surgery.

Many people associate stem cell research or implementation with the use of embryonic stem cells. However, most specialists use non-embryonic cells to reverse the damage in the body.

Stem cell therapy Phoenix, AZ, uses pluripotent stem cells to treat patients. Medical professionals derive these cells from a patient’s somatic cell line.

Like embryonic cells, pluripotent stem cells are capable of transforming into different cell types. It happens because they don’t have any predetermined or preset end structure.

Scientists have devoted a great deal of research to the potential utility of stem cells in medicine. Here are some areas that can benefit from the real potential of fat-derived stem cell therapy in AZ.

Stem cell therapy Phoenix, AZ

Stem Cell Therapy- the Real Potential in Different Areas

Skeletal Muscle

The current research in the stem cell domain aims to use MUSCs (muscle stem cells) to regenerate skeletal muscles for patients with muscular dystrophy. Patients with this condition experience a reduction in the number of essential proteins the body needs for muscular integrity. As a result, the patient experienced significant loss in muscle mass.

MUSCs are difficult to produce or grow in typical cell culture. It may cause some potential drawbacks in the application. Pluripotent stem cells, on the other hand, are good candidates when replacing genes before implantation. They can help people with muscular dystrophy regenerate muscle mass.

fat-derived stem cell therapy in AZ

Heart Health

As the heart’s structure is complicated and comprises many cell types, it doesn’t regenerate tissues in cardiac muscles easily. However, experts continue working on using stem cells to regenerate such tissues. They have used MSCs in various treatments to rebuild cardiac cells found in cardiac muscles in animal models.



Stem cell therapy offers the potential to produce red blood cells in an artificial setting. It can be an alternative to using donor blood. Many researchers use PSCs to regenerate the megakaryocyte population in vitro. The solution is very effective as PSC-derived blood cells are beneficial for many medical treatments.

Neural Tissues

Like cardiac or heart muscles, your neural tissue doesn’t generate actively. The process of neurogenesis occurs in utero. Note that if the brain tissues become diseased or damaged, they don’t heal naturally. You cannot transplant the neural tissues.

That makes neural tissues ideal for stem cell research. In fact, some recent animal studies have found stem cell-derived neurons effective for treating Parkinson’s disease.

Eye Diseases

Stems cell therapy in Arizona holds significant utility in reducing symptoms associated with visual loss. The therapy can help patients restore the integrity of RPE (retinal pigment epithelium).

Summing Up

In a nutshell, stem cell therapy has the real potential to reduce or treat symptoms of various diseases. The cells are a powerful tool to research medical conditions related to different parts of the body.

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