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Help For Spinal Arthritis Sufferers

Help For Spinal Arthritis Sufferers

Back pain is a common cause of debilitating pain in people, especially as they age. It is one of the most common reasons people miss work, and it can lead to a greatly diminished quality of life. One cause of back pain is spinal arthritis. This occurs when the discs and ligaments in the back break down. This typically happens as a result of normal wear and tear on the spine. 


Many people who suffer from spinal arthritis notice pain in their neck area or their lower back. This pain can be debilitating and leave people feeling hopeless. Fortunately, there are therapies that exist to help people suffering from spinal arthritis pain.


Spinal arthritis is a degenerative condition that worsens over time. In the beginning, bony growths form and protrude from the vertebrae. After this occurs, the joint cartilage begins to deteriorate. As the cushioning disappears, the vertebrae begin to rub against one another which can lead to an immense amount of pain. This pain can get so bad that the patient may no longer be able to perform normal activities, exercise, or even go to work. 



The main cause or risk factor involved in developing spinal arthritis is age. As people get older, their bodies naturally begin to break down. We put a significant amount of stress on our backs from simply walking and sitting up, to lifting objects and kids, to exercising. Other risk factors include trauma to the spine, a family history of the condition, and stress. Unfortunately, spinal arthritis can lead to a host of other problems such as sciatica, arthritis in other joints, and spinal stenosis to name a few. 


Once spinal arthritis is accurately identified and diagnosed, physicians can begin working on a treatment plan for their patients. While there is no cure, there are steps patients can take to get some relief from the pain. Medications, physical therapy, and surgical intervention for extreme cases tend to be the most common forms of treatment. As medicine has advanced, stem cell therapy has been studied more and more for spinal arthritis sufferers. 


It is extremely effective in reducing pain by helping the body repair and regenerate the damaged cartilage. It also poses fewer risks than other spinal treatments. Many people use stem cell therapy to help with spinal arthritis before advancing to more invasive procedures such as surgery.


Spinal arthritis is a condition that can become debilitating over time. Patients may find themselves missing work, avoiding social events, or unable to hold their children or grandchildren due to the condition. Unfortunately, there is no cure and many current treatments are not adequate to rid the patient of pain. 


Fortunately, with the development of stem cell therapy, patients have been able to take advantage of new technology and experience long sought after relief. While stem cell therapy is not a cure for spinal arthritis, it has helped give many patients back their quality of life without posing a high level of risk to the patient.


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