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Harness your body’s repair mechanism and avoid surgery R3 Stem Cell

Harness your body’s repair mechanism and avoid surgery R3 Stem Cell


Stem cell therapy in recent years has become a very advanced and promising scientific research topic. Great expectations have been evoked due to the development of treatment methods. Regenerative medicine is a new multidisciplinary field that has combined expertise of engineering, chemistry, biology, medicine, and materials to find a new solution for some of the most challenging medical problems that are known to humankind. Regenerative medicine has the capacity to disrupt the whole healthcare spectrum. It employs different combinations of specially grown tissues, cells, and lab-made compounds to completely replace or significantly amplify the human body’s natural healing process.

The impact of regenerative medicine to the health care industry can be compared to that of vaccines and antibiotics. The possibilities are endless for this cutting-edge therapy, and R3 Stem Cell is making significant progress in this segment. The regenerative cell therapies being offered at each R3 Center of Excellence include biologics administered that come from FDA Certified laboratories. They include amniotic fluid, umbilical cord tissue, or exosome therapies, which to date, have been administered to over 14,000 patients.

R3’s patient satisfaction rate exceeds 85% year-over-year, and they’ve never had a significant adverse event reported to them. The biologics contain a virtual “orchestra” of regenerative elements, including stem cells, cytokines, growth factors, secretomes, exosomes, microRNA, and more.

According to R3 CEO David Greene, MD, MBA, “When you have these regenerative therapies that have had such great outcomes with an incredible safety profile, it represents a great option as opposed to risky surgeries or narcotic medications. Narcotics have high risks, our regenerative therapies don’t!”

R3 has providers using the biologics for injections or IV as well. Dr. Greene formed R3 Medical Training, which for years has been offering hands-on physician training for regenerative therapies, along with free care to Veterans and First Responders in need, called the R3 Heroes Program. Over 100 individuals have been helped through the Heroes program, which offers regenerative treatments to those selected through a nomination process.

In conversation with David Greene, Founder and CEO of R3 Stem Cell

Q. How does your medicine add-on align with the existing medical practice?

In order to provide therapies nationwide and internationally, we’ve adopted the model of working with existing medical practices. R3 Stem Cell and R3 International assists practices with education and marketing efforts along with first-rate biologics, treatment protocols, and research too. The providers we work with span many specialties, including pain management, primary care, orthopedic, neurology, plastic surgery, naturopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic, nurse practitioners, and others. So many specialties have patients who need help, where regenerative therapies are a great option!

Q. Can your solution generate large quantities of stem cells in culture? If yes tell us in brief about it. If no, tell us about the limitations.

The answer is yes… but only outside of the United States. In the US, labs are restricted from culturing stem cells, as the FDA refers to it as “maximal manipulation,” which is not permitted. So the labs we work with in the US do not culture anything, but they also don’t use radiation either. This means there are live cells present, just not of the cultured variety. At R3 International, those restrictions do not exist. So in Mexico, for instance, our biologics are cultured, and we can offer 30 million live stem cells for only $2950 or 50 million live stem cells for $3950. Those stem cells are between the 2nd and 5th generation of culturing, which means they are viable, active, and functional. Of note, the safety standards of the international labs actually exceed those of the FDA in the US, which is why we chose them. Safety is paramount! When patients have a condition where they require large amounts of stem cells (e.g., autism, organ failure, several arthritic joints), then our International Mexico clinic offers treatment at 80% less than the US options.

Q. Tell us in brief about the new revenue streams generated by your solutions.

In the US, we offer two different programs when working with practices. One is our program utilizing stem cell and exosome biologics. As mentioned, we assist in developing first-rate regenerative programs where the practice becomes the local leader and the “go-to” for these procedures. The second program is relatively new and involves our Regenerative Procedure Insurance ProgramSM. The procedures do not rely on stem cells or exosomes for clinical benefit, and most insurance companies provide coverage. We have so far about 20 Centers nationwide who are participating, helping MANY patients with our Stem Cell Recruitment TherapyTM. Internationally, we have three Centers. Two of which are in Mexico, and one in Pakistan. Over the past year, treatment numbers at those clinics have tripled. This has been a direct result of people understanding how safe treatment at our Centers is, and the amazing cost-effective options that provide many millions of cells to produce great outcomes for all types of conditions.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our newest offerings include additional Medical Training courses for Functional Medicine, Ultrasound Guided Injections, PDO Thread Lift Courses and also for Medical Sales/Marketing training. All of these have been in dire need of an upgrade in the US, so we have taken that on and REALLY improved on what other companies have been doing. Along with the new training courses, R3 continues to expand its marketing prowess to help its Network obtain new patients. We receive over 5,000 prospective patient leads each month! R3 started using Artificial Intelligence to help improve targeting, lower lead cost and help the Network continue to succeed.

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Meet the leader behind the success of R3 Stem Cell

David Greene MD, MBA is not your typical doctor. First of all, he completely switched to the business side of medicine from a busy orthopedic practice over ten years ago and has never looked back. He obtained an MBA from Arizona State University in 2013 while simultaneously running a busy pain management practice and starting R3. Over the years, Dr. David Greene’s main passion has included helping others through compassion, education, and innovation. He has been a leader in two fields since he left clinical practice, including healthcare internet marketing and regenerative cell therapies. R3’s Network of practices currently includes 45 Centers Nationwide and 3 International Centers. The US Centers utilize regenerative products that come from FDA certified labs and are donated by consenting mothers after a scheduled C-section with no harm to baby or mother.

“We’ve helped patients from all military branches along with police officers suffering from joint pain, COPD, Burn Pit Syndrome, back pain, neuropathy, MS. These are folks who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe. It’s an honor to meet each and every one!”



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