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Greensboro, North Carolina

An aerial view of downtown Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro is the third most populated city in North Carolina and has a continually growing population. With a plethora of activities, food, and music, Greensboro is an attractive place for people to live and visit. It has a lot to do like a big city but has more of a suburban feel. For this reason, many families live in Greensboro, North Carolina. Because Greensboro is a greatly populated city, air quality can be a concern to some people. Typically, the more people in a small area, the worse the air quality will be. This can make it difficult for those who have asthma, or other pulmonary conditions. Fortunately, R3 stem cell offers therapy options at their offices to help those suffering from various ailments through the use of regenerative medicine. Prospective patients in the Greensboro, NC area can call 844-GET-STEM to find the center nearest to them.

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Who Is A Candidate For Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine can be used for a wide range of ailments. Regenerative medicine utilizes a patient’s own body to be able to heal itself. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate into the kind of tissue the body needs to heal. Therefore, when stem cells are injected into joints, they can help ease pain, when regenerative medicine is used to help with a breathing problem, patients can improve. Each year more and more research is conducted on the efficacy of regenerative medicine for various ailments. And, each year, it seems more uses are found for regenerative medicine. If you have any questions about whether or not you or a loved one may be a candidate, be sure to contact one of our centers at 844-GET-STEM to see if it may be the right option. Regenerative medicine has helped many people in the past and will continue to help people in the future.

What Does “Regenerative Therapy” Mean?

Many people regenerative therapy, and their minds immediately jump to stem cells. While stem cells are a part of regenerative therapy, they do not tell the whole story. Regenerative therapy includes a whole host of therapies that help harness the body’s own healing power to restore itself. Regenerative materials include amniotic fluid, placental membrane, umbilical cord tissue and blood, and Wharton’s Jelly. These “products of conception” contain a high number of stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, and mRNA. All of these products help the body in one way or another to heal itself and repair any damage that may have occurred. As people age, the concentration of these products becomes less and less. Therefore, regenerative medicine works by obtaining these substances from the “products of conception” and injecting them into the body of a person suffering from an ailment.

Man with knee pain showing osteoarthritisWhy Is Regenerative Therapy Superior to Other Forms of Pain Management?

Regenerative therapy is superior to other forms of pain management for many reasons. However, the most glaring difference is that it is typically less invasive and carries less risk. For example, some people resort to surgical intervention to help with unbearable pain. In some cases, surgery may not work or may even make the pain worse than it was to start. In addition, all operations carry a significant amount of risk. There is always a chance of something going wrong while under anesthesia.

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Due to the invasive nature of surgery, they should only be considered after other options have been tried and failed.

Pain medications come with significant risks, as well. For example, many people do not know whether or not they are prone to addiction when first being prescribed a narcotic. While some people may be fine taking the prescription as prescribed, other people may find themselves suffering from the early stages of addiction once it is time to wean off of the prescription. In contrast, regenerative medicine comes with minimal side effects.

What Is The Recovery Time?

Each person’s body is unique, and therefore, each person has a unique response to regenerative medicine. This means that it is impossible to give a general answer to how long recovery may take. Some patients may only need one injection before they begin feeling better, whereas other patients may need multiple injections. Some patients may feel better after a couple of days, whereas others may take a couple of months to notice a difference. Fortunately, in most cases, regenerative therapy requires far less downtime than any surgical procedure. Injections usually call for only a few days max of downtime, whereas surgery may require months. In addition, most patients do end up feeling some kind of positive result within the first month after treatment has been given.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment in Greensboro?

A senior Greensboro couple bike riding

It is unlikely your insurance will cover the cost of any regenerative therapy regardless of where you receive treatment. The main reason for this is because the therapy is new, and pharmaceutical companies have not yet found a way to patent “products of conception” since they are bodily byproducts. Most new treatments take 5-10 years before insurance companies cover them as part of a policy. However, this does not mean the treatment is not successful or works any less than other treatments. Instead, it means our patients are on the cutting edge of medicine.

There are some insurance cases when filed through worker’s compensation that will cover the cost of regenerative therapy on the basis that it can help get an employee back to work. This is a major step forward in getting regenerative medicine approved for wider range insurance coverage in the future. Regardless of whether or not insurance covers the procedure, R3 believes all people should have access to the treatment if it will help them. For this reason, R3 has a variety of financing and payment plans that patients can use to help in paying for their regenerative therapy

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