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Exosomes for MedSpas, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Practices

Exosomes for MedSpas, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Practices

Exosomes have become exceptionally popular in regenerative medicine. This includes regenerative aesthetics procedures at MedSpas, aesthetics practices and plastic surgery practices. Exosomes are actually cellular byproducts, and Exosomes for medspanot cells themselves.


When cells produce these extracellular vesicles, they contain a significant amount of information. This information comes in the form of regenerative elements including cytokines, growth factors, RNA, interleukins and more.


When exosomes are used in regenerative therapies, they are critical in cell to cell communication. This may facilitate many different functions including collagen formation, wound healing, cellular formation, and a lot more!


Why are they so popular in regenerative aesthetics for procedures involving hair, face and sexual health?


  1. Size – since they are between 40 and 140nm, the needle size doesn’t matter. Whereas a 27 or 32 gauge needle might lyse a stem cell, this is not a problem with an exosome.
  2. Pricing – Regen Suppliers is the exclusive distributor of the most cost effective stem cell exosome product on the market, ReBellaXO. With 15 billion exosomes per cc, ReBellaXO has been a hit with cosmetic practices, as it is available as low as $337 per cc! Most exosome companies sell their products for $800 to $1500 per cc, which makes it very difficult to fit into pricing for aesthetic procedures.
  3. Safety – The FDA regulates exosomes in the same category as stem cell biologics. Therefore, the processing needs to be stringently monitored and checked for any contamination. ReBellaXO is derived from Wharton’s Jelly umbilical cord tissue, and the regulations for processing are followed each step through with cGMP compliance.
  4. Storage – At the lab ReBellaXO is maintained in cryopreservation at -80 degrees Celsius. However, the biologic is shipped on cold packs which are not that cold. The reason that is fine is that exosomes can easily survive for a month in the same temperature as a regular freezer. Or several weeks in the same temperature as a regular refrigerator.


As you can see, exosomes are an incredible addition to aesthetics practices for several procedures. To learn more about ReBellaXO from one of the top exosome companies, Regen Suppliers, and how they can fit into your practice, call (888) 568-6909 or email today.

Exosomes for aesthetics

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