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Exosome Therapy Center in Los Angeles, California

Exosome Therapy Center in Los Angeles, California

Exosome therapy in Los Angeles has become an extremely popular treatment over the past few years for patients desiring a superior option for hair regeneration, facial rejuvenation, sexual health improvements and anti aging as well.

Exosomes are extremely small cellular byproducts that are seen in many bodily fluids. They are nanotechnology size, about 100 times smaller than a stem cell. Normally, exosomes are seen as secretions in all types of bodily fluids such as saliva, urine, lung fluid, semen, breast milk, etc. But we don’t care about those to use for treatment!

The exosomes that R3 Stem Cell uses for patient care are derived from umbilical cord stem cells. The stem cells release exosomes, which are concentrated with growth factors, cytokines, mRNA and other regenerative elements that are vital to repair and regeneration of tissue to help facilitate great outcomes for patients.

Exosomes are acellular, they don’t replicate like a cell would and they don’t have a nucleus. When R3 Stem Cell uses exosomes for patient care, each cc vial has over 25 Billion exosomes. That is an incredible amount, and means that the product is highly concentrated to an unparalleled extent.

When it comes to hair regeneration in Los Angeles, exosomes are combined with PRP to facilitate an upsurge of activity from hair follicles. For either men or women suffering from hair loss, it’s a dramatic way to restore hair growth without the need for a transplant. Get a lush head of hair with exosome stem cell therapy in Los Angeles today!

Aesthetic clinics globally are incorporating exosomes for facial rejuvenation rapidly, because several studies have shown to just how good they are at promoting collagen, elastin and fibrin formation. The exosomes are most often used in conjunction with microneedling, and they are able to minimize wrinkles, tighten skin and give it that youthful glow desired to help patients look and feel younger.

Erectile dysfunction is just as prominent in Los Angeles as it is throughout the world. Up to 50% of men at age 50 experience ED, and the incidence continues to rise 10% for each decade. That’s 70% by age 70! When exosomes are used in conjunction with platelet rich plasma therapy, it facilitates an incredible amount of new blood flow to the area. This greatly improves the ability of men to achieve spontaneous erections and maintain them through intercourse. No other therapy has been able to achieve such a spectacular result.

In addition to the above applications for exosomes in Los Angeles, they are commonly used for anti aging. How does it work? In order to answer the question properly, let’s take a look at a Stanford study performed in 2005 using mice. With a technique called parabiosis, researchers attached the blood supply of mice so they shared a common circulation.

An old mouse was attached to a young mouse, and a muscle injury was given to the old mouse. Miraculously, the old mouse healed the muscle injury very well. Much better than it would have by itself. So researchers performed a part 2 study, where they radiolabeled stem cells to see if that was the impetus for muscle repair.

The result was that stem cells were NOT seen in the muscle repair at all. Since then, the mice study has been performed for a lot of other conditions, such as for heart damage, brain damage and more. The result has been the same every time, where the old mice healed very well when attached to young mice.

Researchers have tried to ascertain what leads to the healing response, and the leading theory is that it’s exosomes. They are deemed to be very good at cell to cell communication, being attracted to areas of injury (inflammation), and instructing damaged tissue to repair and regenerate itself.

These studies have led to an immense popularity boost for exosome therapy in Los Angeles and globally. R3 Stem Cell uses them at its 45 Centers globally (in 6 countries) as one of the largest regenerative therapy providers in the world!

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