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About Durham, North Carolina
View of downtown Durham in North Carolina
Durham, NC, is home to Duke University, part of what is known as “The Research Triangle.”  The Research Triangle is known for its technology companies and influential academic institutions. Duke is one of the top universities in the country and is known for its notable alumni, strong hospital, and medical school. As a result, there is a significant amount of talk, research, and funding around regenerative medicine. Patients who are interested in learning more about our regenerative medicine offerings should call 844-GET-STEM to learn more and find the nearest R3 center.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine includes harnessing the body’s own healing power to repair various damaged tissues. These forms of treatment are a significant advancement from earlier forms of medicine that simply treat symptoms, as opposed to addressing the underlying problems. Some regenerative medicine requires harvesting from the patient, whereas others use biologic material from an outside source. The products contained in these harvested biologics include stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, and various other elements that are key in the body’s natural healing process.

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R3 is very careful with the products it uses for its Durham, North Carolina patients. We only work with trusted labs that do not radiate materials. Some sources say that “products of conception” do not have any live cells. However, this is only true when the products are mishandled. Our labs take great care in handling the biologics to ensure the highest concentration of live cells for our patients and ensuring all donors are screened for disease and DNA markers are removed.

I Have Heard About Ethical Concerns.  How Do These Affect R3 Stem Cell?

When stem cell therapy was new on the market, and people did not fully understand the differences between various treatment centers, ethical concerns were running high. The main ethical concern when stem cells were first on the market was that the cells were coming from “aborted fetuses.”  However, R3 Stem Cell does not use any of these stem cells in any of its clinics; additionally, we don’t use embryonic stem cells. Instead, we get all biologic material from consenting mothers who would have otherwise thrown the products away after birth.  Embryonic stem cells have been outlawed in the United States to avoid any ethical concerns with regenerative medicine.  Therefore, there are zero ethical concerns with our currently used products of conception.

What Types of Ailments Benefit From Regenerative Therapy?

There is an extensive list of ailments that regenerative therapy can help, and that list grows every year. Our past patients have seen improvement in symptoms from normal wear and tear in old age, to neurologic conditions to autoimmune conditions. Stem cells have the ability to turn into whatever the body needs to heal. For this reason, they can be used for a variety of symptoms. Call R3 Stem Cell at 844-GET-STEM to find out if you are a candidate. We will helo you locate a provider nearest to Durham, NC.

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Elderly Durham woman gripping her ankle in painWhat Is The Cost Of Regenerative Medicine in Durham?

Each person is unique, and therefore, each procedure plan is going to look different depending on who the patient is. For this reason, it is impossible to give a single price for the cost of regenerative medicine. As discussed earlier, regenerative medicine includes a wide range of procedures, not just stem cell therapy. The cost of therapy depends on the patient’s symptoms & complaints. Some patients may need only one injection, while others may need multiple injections.  This does sound like a significant number.  However, the staff at our clinics are committed to ensuring you are able to get the procedure you need regardless of price.

For this reason, R3 offers payment plans and financing to help our patients receive the regenerative therapy they need.  Call our office at 844-GET-STEM to learn more about what pricing and payment options are available to our patients.

Does Insurance Cover Regenerative Therapy in Durham?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover regenerative therapy. However, this does not mean it is not a viable treatment route. The main reasons insurance does not cover regenerative therapy is because pharmaceutical companies cannot figure out how to patent the biologic material that is used, and because regenerative therapy is still such a new form of medicine. There is still a significant amount of research being done on regenerative medicine, and the way it works is not fully understood. Most new procedures take anywhere from 5-10 years before insurance companies even begin to cover it.

There are certain Worker’s Compensation cases where regenerative therapy may be covered under the basis that it helps get a person back to work. However, for the most part, insurance does not work. We do understand this can create a financial burden and therefore offer payment plans and financing to help our patients afford that regenerative medicine they need.

Do I Need To Be Accepted Into A Research Study To Receive Regenerative Therapy?
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In short, no.  Some of our patients are part of studies that aim to prove the efficacy of regenerative therapy.  However, not all of our patients are part of a study. We understand it may be difficult for patients in Durham, North Carolina, to make it to one of our facilities.  For this reason, we do offer various regenerative therapy procedures to patients, even if they are not candidates for one of our many studies. These patients are able to get one off treatments if our physicians determine they would be good candidates for regenerative therapy. If you think this may fit your description, we highly recommend reviewing the educational materials on our website and contacting our office to make a consultation appointment. After coming in for your consultation, you will have a better idea of whether or not you are a good candidate for regenerative therapy procedures.

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