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Discount Stem Cell Therapy from R3’s Training Faculty in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Nashville

Discount Stem Cell Therapy from R3’s Training Faculty in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Nashville

R3 Stem Cell’s Centers of Excellence around the world have performed over 20,000 regenerative procedures in the past decade. In that time, R3 Medical Training was formed to be the “go to” institute for teaching providers globally the best way to offer regenerative therapies. This includes stem cell and exosome procedures along with platelet rich plasma therapy, growth factors and nutritional supplements for support.

R3 Medical Training’s faculty is now offering patients in Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville a unique opportunity to receive stem cell, exosome and PRP therapies for significantly less than what practices are charging nationwide. Why? Because our expert faculty doctors teach providers who come in to learn at courses, and we need patient models!

Patient models still receive the exact same stem cell, exosome and/or PRP therapy they would be receiving elsewhere. Only for a fraction of the price! For joint injections, our faculty utilizes top notch ultrasound guidance. The biologics used come from FDA regulated labs and entail first rate quality assurance for processing and viability.

Ever heard of receiving a Mercedes for the price of a Ford? That is what you will receive at R3 Stem Cell  Scottsdale, Phoenix and Nashville. Patients receive the first rate regenerative treatment at reduced pricing since they agree to be patient models at our training institute. Stem cell therapy Phoenix never looked so good!

We have a training institute in both locations (Phoenix/Scottsdale and Nashville) with expert faculty who have been teaching regenerative procedures for many years. Do NOT settle for receiving your stem cell procedure with an “unknown” entity. Come to R3, and know that you will be obtaining an incredible value for your regenerative therapy with a faculty doctor! Stem cell therapy Nashville trusts.

Since 2018, R3 Medical Training has taught over a thousand providers globally on the best techniques for regenerative therapies. Attendees come from all over the USA, Mexico, Philippines, Middle East, and Asia. The R3 courses teach the best skill set possible for joint injections, aesthetic techniques, sexual wellness and systemic applications. This also includes ancillary treatments that improve the outcomes for patients, such as supplements, shockwave therapy, hyperbaric oxygen.




How does it work to be a patient model? Simply call R3 Stem Cell today at (844) GET-STEM and we will set you up with a free consultation to see if you are a candidate. Then we will get you scheduled for treatment as a patient model, either at one of our training workshops or as a Faculty practice patient (depends on complexity).

Either way, patient models receive the same “Mercedes” treatment for the price of a “Ford”! You will need to agree that course attendees can participate in your care and potentially for filming to take place. Attendees are licensed healthcare professionals. R3’s training facility in Scottsdale has over 7,000 square feet of modern clinic space, and Nashville entails 4000 square feet!

Rest assured, you will be in the best hands as a patient model at R3 Stem Cell and R3 Medical Training. Call today to reserve your spot at (844) GET-STEM!

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The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

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*Outcomes will vary between individuals. No claims are being made with regenerative therapies. The FDA considers stem cell therapy experimental. See our THERAPY COMMITMENT HERE.


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R3 Stem Cell International includes 45 clinics in 7 countries. These Centers of Excellence treat all types of conditions with safe, effective protocols by expert stem cell physicians.



R3 Stem Cell offers a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, and stem cells.



The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an all-in-one regenerative practice program including marketing, consultations and booked procedures!


The USA stem cell leader offers procedures in

7 Countries including:

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