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Diabetes Causes and Treatments

Diabetes Causes and Treatments

Diabetes is a condition in which the body either does not make insulin or does not respond to insulin, in order to regulate blood sugar. Initially, most people do not exhibit symptoms that are associated with diabetes. However, the early stages of the disease are the most important for diagnosis. When diabetes is allowed to go uncontrolled, and symptoms begin to show, it is a sign permanent damage may be happening. Yearly trips to your general practitioner that include blood panels are important steps for catching diabetes early before it has a chance to cause permanent damage. 


           Understanding the causes of diabetes is an important factor in preventing the condition from occurring in the first place. There are certain factors that cause diabetes which is out of any person’s control. However, there are other factors that are well within a person’s control. Some of the most common causes of diabetes include genetics, being overweight, age, high blood pressure, and race.


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           People who have a family history of diabetes are at a higher likelihood of developing diabetes themselves. People of Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American descent are also at an increased likelihood of developing diabetes. Age is another risk factor of diabetes that is uncontrollable. As people age, the chances of developing diabetes increases. Fortunately, there are many controllable risk factors. For people who are overweight, exercising, and eating properly can help to bring down weight. In addition, people who suffer from high blood pressure can take certain medications to help keep their blood pressure under control. While some causes can be controlled for, sometimes, developing diabetes is inevitable. Fortunately, there are many treatments and therapies available for those suffering from diabetes.


           In the early stages of the disease, lifestyle changes may be all the treatment a patient needs. Eating healthy and exercising can help to keep diabetes in check. Eating foods that are not processed, low in sugar, and low in saturated fats can be good for those suffering from diabetes. Monitoring blood sugar daily becomes a normal part of a diabetic’s routine. Insulin can be taken for people whose bodies do not produce insulin. Various medications can also be taken to increase insulin production or to inhibit the production or release of glucose from the liver. For those suffering from type 1 diabetes, where the body cannot produce insulin, a pancreas transplant may be recommended. In addition, stem cell therapy of stem cell therapy doctors Phoenix, AZ has also shown positive results for patients suffering from diabetes.


           Diabetes can be a very dangerous condition. A condition which begins with virtually no symptoms can lead to amputations, slow healing wounds, and nerve damage if it is not addressed early on. Understanding the causes of diabetes can help to prevent the condition from occurring. However, for those who are already suffering from the condition, adequate treatments do exist. While there is no cure, ensuring diabetes treatment early on can help to keep the condition under control and avoid any dangerous complications from occurring later on down the road. Understanding diabetes causes and treatments can help diabetes patients to live a better quality of life in the future. 

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