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Can Stem Cells Help Autism?

Can Stem Cells Help Autism?

Autism is a common nervous system disorder that occurs in 1 out of every 54 children in the United States. It affects the way a person interacts with and perceives others. As a result, children who suffer from autism tend to have problems forming social connections. Autism is a spectrum disorder meaning no two cases look identical. For example, some children might have slight social anomalies but still be able to make friends while others may have a very difficult time making and keeping friends due to their condition. There is no single cause of autism and there is no cure. However, there are steps parents can take to help limit the impact autism has on their child’s future social endeavors.

            Autism is first noticed in childhood. It is not a condition that develops later in life. However, if left untreated, autism can make it very difficult for children to function in society later on down the road. Symptoms of autism range greatly. Some children have difficulty learning while others have extremely high intelligence but have difficulty communicating their thoughts. Other children have a very difficult time with interpersonal relationships and may have trouble keeping eye contact when speaking.

            There is no singular cause of autism. It is believed that both genetic factors and biological factors play a role in the disease’s development. Autism is linked to decreased performance in school, employment problems, social isolation, and an inability to live independently. However, with proper treatment, these complications can be reduced. Early diagnosis is key because it allows treatment to begin as early as possible. Therapy tends to be the most effective treatment for patients suffering from autism. Behavioral therapy, communication therapy, and educational therapy are important in making sure your child stays up to par in schooling and social endeavors. Family therapy can help parents and other family members interact with their children in the most healthy way.

            In recent years, stem cell therapy has been studied as a way to help children suffering from autism. While it is not known exactly what causes autism, it is known that the condition is a neurological disorder. Stem cell therapy is believed to help damaged neurons that may lead to autism, regenerate, and heal. While this is not necessarily a cure for autism, it can help to minimize some of the symptoms of autism patients experience.

            Autism is a disorder that can make a person’s life very difficult. In addition, it can bring a lot of stress on family and friends. While there are very serious complications that can result from autism, there are also ways to mitigate the negative complications of this condition. Early diagnosis is key to positive outcomes. When a child is diagnosed early, it allows parents to begin treatment earlier, thus giving the child the best chance at a great life. With proper behavioral therapy and the addition of stem cell therapy, children who suffer from autism have a chance to thrive in the world like never before.

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