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Cameron Mathison teams up with R3 Stem Cell

Cameron Mathison teams up with R3 Stem Cell

Acclaimed TV star, actor, host, and presenter Cameron Mathison has teamed up with R3 Stem Cell. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Mathison shared that he has teamed up with R3 Stem Cell, in an effort to benefit from their advanced technology. “This is incredible,” he admitted. “I’ve gone through many health challenges in my life.”


He is a new brand ambassador for R3 Stem Cell. Presently, he plays the role of Drew Cain on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital.”

In a candid post on social media, Mathison shared that at 2.5 years old, he was “diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease called Legg Calve Perthes disease.” “My whole life they told me I would need hip replacements at a fairly young age. Teaming up with R3 Stem Cell is giving me a fighting chance to delay that, or even prevent it altogether,” he said.

In addition to R3 Stem Cell, he also serves as an ambassador for NuEthix Formulations. “It is very cool for me to be part of this amazing family. Nuethix has helped me so much and I love sharing my story,” Mathison said.

Mathison is the host of the lifestyle series “The Happy Life with Cameron Mathison” on Great American Community.

To learn more about Cameron Mathison, follow him on Instagram.

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