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We are so pleased that you are considering an R3 Stem Cell provider to better your health. We have been serving clients around the nation and beyond for over six years. In that time, we have performed thousands of therapies and are continuing to add to the research body with our ongoing clinical trial. We have helped people from all walks of life, all age groups and all ability levels. In this day and age, science and medicine have come so far, and we are in a new era of health-related therapies.

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Helping Your Body Recover

Regenerative therapy, also associated with tissue engineering, is a method by which we introduce biologics into the body in order to reform your tissue. This is often necessary when the tissue becomes damaged either through the natural process of aging or environmental trauma. Cell damage can take a lot of forms, but often it occurs when your DNA becomes mutated in some way. Usually, this occurs in only one location or one tissue, but if left unchecked, the damage can spread. Regenerative therapy has the ability to reverse the damage and guide your body in making new, undamaged tissue.

What Are Biologics?

Biologics are materials that work in partnership with your own body systems to help restore the damage. These are processed in quality labs with impeccable safety records. The biologics can be entire cells, genetic material, or cell secretions. During your free consultation, we will discuss what options are most appropriate for your health concerns. Some of the biologics that our providers may offer include:

  • Growth factors
  • MicroRNAs
  • Secretomes
  • Cytokinins
  • Stem cells
  • PRP

The Role Of Stem Cells

Because of their flexibility, stem cells are often the first type of therapy we discuss when forming a plan for your individual needs. These cells can become many cell types and replace cells that otherwise cause you problems. Stem cells can either be harvested from your own tissues or collected from donated tissues. Stem cell types commonly used include:

  • Hematopoietic stem cells
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cells
  • Amniotic fluid stem cells

Procedures Used In Our Therapies

Most commonly, we perform non-invasive injections. These can be in one location in the body or multiple depending on the shorts of the issues you are facing. If we are using your cells, we will need to collect them. An example of this is PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections. For this method, we centrifuge a sample of your blood to concentrate down the most influential components. This is then reinjected back into your body so it can bathe damaged tissues in compounds necessary for rejuvenation. The process is nearly painless and far less invasive than surgery. To learn more about the therapies we offer near Boise, call 844-GET-STEM to request a free consultation.

Dealing With Pain

Pain is associated with seemingly countless health problems and can be a huge detractor from daily life. Our associates near Boise want to help. R3 Stem Cell has helped many patients throughout the years with pain. We encourage you to visit the Success Stories portion of our website and watch video testimonials from past patients.

Boise man stops to catch his breathBeating The Ill-Effects Of Aging

As we grow older, our bodies tend to accumulate more health problems. With this can come a reduction in energy, an increase in pain, issues with movement, and much more. Your age should not determine your quality of life, and our providers are here to help you live your life to the fullest. Regenerative therapy is tailored to your individual needs, and, most importantly, it helps to amplify the natural abilities of your own immune system. Our methods help you get your own immune system back so you can maintain your own body even throughout your golden years.

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Staying Educated

Visiting our website is a great first step to learning about regenerative therapy. We encourage you to bring a list of questions to your free consultation as well. We also offer many seminars and webinars, where the presenter will discuss the basics of regenerative therapy. If you are unable to make a webinar, we record and send the replay for anyone who signed up.

Request a free stem cell therapy consultation, with a provider near Boise, to find out if you are a candidate. At the in-person consultation, your provider will discuss your health history, complaints, therapy recommendation, cost, and answer any questions that you have.

Using Your Local Boise Health Department

Boise residents have access to the Central District Health Department as a resource for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The definition of health is quite broad, meaning that the department offers a number of services related to mental, reproductive, oral, and other forms of physical health. CDHD also offers immunization clinics to help prevent the spread of disease, particularly important for protecting children and the elderly. Beyond medical-based support, they offer information about environmental wellness such as water quality testing and information about insect-borne pathogens like malaria and zika. Check out their website regularly to see what public events they are hosting – many of them are free or provided at greatly reduced costs to you.

Eating Right In Boise

As Boise has grown, the number of healthy options available to its citizens has really improved. More restaurants are offering diet-specific options such as vegan, vegetarian, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free. Grocery stores are also offering more organic and non-GMO options as people move away from diets high in processed foods. Achieving a balanced, nutritious diet is one of the best things you can do to maintain longevity. A few recommendations we think you should check out include:

Wild Root Cafe: Seasonal options that you can enjoy on their stunning patio in the summer.

Boise Co Op: A great place to stock your own kitchen or to grab a light lunch at their in-store cafe.

Rise & Grind Nutrition: An awesome coffee shop where you can also pick up a fresh-pressed juice or smoothie for breakfast.

Fresh Healthy Cafe: The name says it all. Acai bowls, smoothies, and light fairs such as paninis and daily soups.

Outdoor Activity & Nature
An elderly Boise woman running
Boise is home to some gorgeous natural splendor. Getting outdoors is a great way to maintain both your physical and mental health. Many studies have shown that spending even just a couple hours in nature every week can help to improve your mood, lower your heart rate, and reduce stress, to name a few benefits. Check out some of the following activities and get to know Boise even better:

Walk, jog, or run the 25 miles of the Boise River Greenbelt

Go for a challenging hike and climb up the Black Cliffs

Take a canoe or raft down the Payette River – fishing is also a great option on the river as well

Take in the natural beauty of the Goose Creek Falls with a hike

Explore Ponderosa State Park’s 1000+ acres of forests and trails

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