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Our Anaheim, California Center
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Here at our Anaheim area center, our physicians put their patients as their priority. Our entire team aims to make sure patients feel comfortable and well-informed throughout the whole regenerative therapy process. We always recommend that our patients visit our website and take a look at all our educational materials before coming in for a free consultation visit. Once ready to take the next steps, we recommend each client schedule a consultation with our Anaheim office so they can learn about all the options R3 Stem Cell has to offer. We take pride in the quality of our physicians, and in making our patients feel as comfortable as possible.

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How Much Does Regenerative Medicine Cost?

The staff at our Anaheim area office understands that cost will always be a factor in deciding the correct course of treatment. It is challenging to give an average cost because each person is unique, and therefore, each treatment plan will be different. Some patients may only require one shot, whereas others may require multiple. We do not believe cost should be prohibitive for acquiring treatment. For that reason, we do offer our patients financing and payment options, depending on their needs. These are all things that can be discussed during your free consultation visit to our Anaheim area office.

How Are The Products Used for Regenerative Therapy Acquired?

All products used at our Anaheim, CA center are acquired from consenting donors who are in good health, under the age of 35 and are undergoing a scheduled c-section. All of our processes are strictly regulated by the FDA to ensure safety for both our donors and our recipients. The donor parts: amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord, and other materials are typically discarded after a c-section birth. However, in our cases, the mother has chosen to donate these products, which are immediately taken to our FDA regulated labs to be stored appropriately and taken care of until our patients are ready to use them.

Does it Matter Where the Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Products Come From?

Yes. Not all amniotic and umbilical cord products are the same. While the raw product tends to be the same, the way the products are handled and stored can affect their efficacy significantly. All of our donors are heavily screened to ensure they are disease-free and healthy overall. In addition, all DNA factors are removed in order to prevent rejection once placed in the host. Our labs take pride in being FDA regulated and avoiding not radiating or using preservatives on the biologic materials. These can sometimes lead to the decay of cells, which means they would not be as effective for our patients. The physicians at our location near Anaheim, CA, are some of many R3 Stem Cell physicians that have helped treat over 10,000 patients over the past six years.

An Anaheim man sees a stem cell specialist for back painAre There Any Risks With Regenerative Medicine?

Any time you are undergoing a procedure, there is some level of risk involved. However, one of the reasons our patients are proponents of regenerative therapy is because the risks are relatively low. In very rare cases, patients may develop an infection, bleeding, nerve injury, or an allergic reaction. However, these side effects are not common at our Anaheim area center. In most cases, the most significant risk of regenerative medicine is that it will not work. However, this is significantly preferred to risks in other forms of treatment, such as surgical intervention.

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Where Can I Find Somewhere to Administer Regenerative Therapy?

You are in luck! R3 Stem Cell has offices all over the country. Our Anaheim, California area office is one of many offices nationwide that sees patients daily. We have offices in most large cities. If you live somewhere that is far from our office; we have a travel concierge that can help you determine the best location for your treatment. All of our offices offer a free consultation to determine which therapy you will benefit from them most.

Are There Any Ethical Issues With Your Products?

There are absolutely no ethical concerns when using the products at our Anaheim, CA, area center. Much of the concern people hear about regenerative therapy and ethical issues come from stem cells taken from aborted fetuses. Here at R3 Stem Cell, we do not use any of these products. In addition, we do not use any embryonic stem cells as they are no longer legal in the United States, and R3 Stem Cell fully supports this measure. In our products, no fetal tissue is used, no cloning is performed, and all donors have fully consented to their donation. In addition, the tissues used in our patients are normally discarded during scheduled c-sections.

Who Can Benefit From Regenerative Therapy?
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Our Anaheim area office is here to help you determine whether or not regenerative therapy is for you. Many people are not sure whether or not they are candidates for regenerative therapy. Therefore, if you think you may be a candidate, we recommend you schedule an appointment for a consultation visit. Techniques used in regenerative therapy can be used in a wide range of people with a variety of ailments. In addition, stem cells have the ability to differentiate into any cell in the body. R3 has helped tens of thousands of people through the use of cutting edge medical technology. We offer a plethora of stem cell procedures and PRP therapies that can be used to benefit many different people. This should inspire confidence in all of our patients. We aim to fill our clinic with medical professionals who have extensive knowledge in this new field of therapy.

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