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Bringing Regenerative Medicine to Amarillo, Texas
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Since R3 Stem Cell began six years ago, we have helped patients all over the country. We are proud to offer this exciting field of therapy to Texans. Regenerative therapy is based on techniques that have been researched for decades but are recently gaining traction as a method by which to rejuvenate the human body. Using organic materials and tissues, our providers have helped patients restore their natural health and wellness without the need for invasive procedures like surgery.

Our Procedures And Techniques

We use biologics to deliver essential compounds to restoring tissue. These are introduced into your body through injections. Depending on the issue plaguing you, we may provide a single shot locally or a number of them throughout different tissues. Recovery is generally much quicker than with surgery and does not come with the same negative side effects. The biologics we can provide include:

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  • Stem Cells (Bone marrow, adipose, umbilical, amniotic)
  • Growth factors and other hormones
  • Cytokinins
  • Genetic compounds including MicroRNAs
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma injections

Different Types Of Stem Cells

Although we use different types of stem cells that are derived from various parent tissues, the way they function is essentially the same. Once stem cells are programmed, they will enter the body and become the cell type that is needed for recovery. This means that if you have damage to muscle tissue, stem cells could be used to replace that muscle tissue. They could also, if programmed differently, be used to replace damaged gastric tissue is that is what your body required. They can take on many different forms, which makes them optimal for individualized care.

Platelet-Rich Plasma And You

PRP injections are quickly becoming one of our most popular forms of therapy. For this procedure, we take a sample of blood much like you would experience if you were donating blood. We then centrifuge that sample down to its most important qualities. The remaining serum is concentrated in platelets, blood cells, and other nutrients that help with tissue regeneration. This is injected locally into areas that are causing you trouble, and immediately these components get to work restoring the damaged cells.

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You’ve already taken the first step by visiting our website and committing to exploring regenerative therapy. We are with you for every step of the process and provide exceptional care that includes:

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Man with back painIssues We Can Help With

Because regenerative therapy is flexible enough to mold to all types of bodies and physiologies, we have helped a wide variety of issues in the past. We encourage you to watch some of our video testimonials on the Success Stories section of our web page to get a sense of just how incredible this new field of therapy truly is. Some of the issues we commonly see in our patients include:

  • Chronic and acute forms of pain
  • Trouble breathing or sudden interruptions in respiratory rate
  • Reduced vitality, energy or mobility
  • Mood swings or mental malaise
  • Sports injuries
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The Process Of Aging

Aging is a natural part of life. It can bring on issues that relate to both your physical and mental wellness. Aging doesn’t have to be a burden, however. R3 Stem Cell has helped many patients gain control of their bodies as they transition into their golden years. Everything from growth factors to stem cells can be used to help your body restore itself and recover from the byproducts of aging. If you want to feel better and spend more quality time being active with your family, reach out to our providers near Amarillo today.

Paying For Therapy

We understand the financial considerations many people have when dealing with chronic health problems. This is why we offer financing options to patients who qualify. Most insurance carriers do not yet cover regenerative therapy, but we hope that changes in the near future. A sound body is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself, and cost should not be a deterrent.

If you are interested in learning more about regenerative medicine, request your free consultation with a provider near Amarillo.

Research At Texas Tech University

Amarillo is home to Texas Tech University, a school dedicated to the education of the next generation of technologically-savvy professionals. The Health Sciences Center is home to several amazing research labs, but one, in particular, is focusing on the advancement of stem cell research. Doctor Hiranmoy Das, who has served on the boards of several peer-reviewed journals and serves on grant panels for several agencies, focuses on stem cell therapy. His work centers around the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells and the possible use of them in helping diseases and disorders such as limb ischemia, stroke-mediated ischemia, osteoporosis, and wound healing. Visit the TTU website for more information on their faculty and to learn about medical-based research occurring on their campus.

Gym Option In Amarillo
Amarillo woman stretches before a run
Fitness is an important aspect of maintaining your health – it helps to strengthen your muscular tissue, improve circulation, and deepen your respiratory function. Often as we get older, we let our activity levels decrease, which can have a negative domino effect on the rest of our body. Finding a community to workout with is key at any age. Amarillo offers lots of options, from gyms to fitness studios with classes to personal training. We recommend looking at the following places to start:

Crunch Fitness: Offers gym equipment and classes

Planet Fitness: A great option for people who just need a few pieces of gym equipment at very low costs

Unique Fitness ARX Personal Training Studio

Yoga Mat Amarillo

Amarillo’s Food Scene

Amarillo has recently gained a number of eateries focused on healthier options. Dining out can be problematic for our health because we often:

Overeat or choose meals higher in calories than is necessary

Ingest high sugar and high-fat foods

Imbibed alcohol which is high in calories and sugar

Cutting calories is just one form of diet modification and might not be appropriate for everyone. Eating a diet high in minerals and vitamins is far more beneficially if your body needs to repair and restore tissue.  If you are looking to revamp your diet to promote better health, consider the following options in Amarillo:

Eat Rite Health Food & Restaurant

The Açaí Bar

Natural Grocers

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