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Regenerative Medicine Treatment with Stem Cell Injections

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments for musculoskeletal conditions represent cutting edge treatments that are on the cusp of mainstream deployment. The ethical concerns over fetal involvement have been eliminated with the latest treatments that either use the patient’s own tissue elements (blood, adipose or bone marrow) or amnion collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections.

Stem cells maintain the capability of differentiating into various cell lines such as tendon, cartilage, muscle, skin, bone and more. All of the stem cell treatments offered at R3 either directly contain stem cells, or maintain the ability to call in the body’s existing stem cells for repair and regeneration of the damaged tissue.

Currently, there are 4 common stem cell treatment options available to help with tendonitis, tendinosis, ligament injury, and extremity and spinal arthritis treatment. For more information on each of the various stem cell injection treatment options offered at R3 Stem Cell Clinics, simply click on any of the following:

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma TherapyStem Cell Clinic
  2. Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections
  3. Fat Derived Stem Cell Injections
  4. Amniotic Derived Stem Cell Injections

In addition, there is some research going on looking at treatment with stem cell injections for degenerative disc disease and during surgery for tendon injury, ligament repair and spinal fusion. However, R3 Stem Cell Clinics focuses on outpatient treatment with stem cell injections for soft tissue injury along with extremity and spinal arthritis treatments. No IV treatments are performed, and there is no culturing of individual’s stem cells.

The treatments at R3 Stem Cell Clinics are research based, and are subsidized by industry. For this reason, the typical treatment cost is approximately 40% less than seen at other clinics. All treatments are performed by Board Certified doctors.

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Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatments

The most revolutionary regenerative medicine treatments now being offered include amniotic and umbilical stem cell treatments. These are FDA regulated and contain growth factors, hyaluronic acid, cytokines and stem cells.

Stem Cell Therapy Offers
Nonoperative Options

With a third of the US suffering from chronic pain, and over a milion each year
undergoing joint replacements in the US, stem cell therapy has a large target audience.
Whether you have a stem cell procedure to get back into sports, avoid hip or knee
replacement or avoid back surgery, regenerative medicine can help!

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