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Our Regenerative Medicine Services

Wouldn’t it be great if tissue injuries could be repaired without surgery,
giving you the ability to do things that you want to do,
like play with your kids again, go hiking,
swimming, ride a bike, and be… Pain Free!


Regenerative Medicine treatments with stem cells, growth factors and platelets that are nonsteroidal and outpatient.


Cutting edge treatments with potential to repair and regenerate damaged tendons, ligaments & cartilage.


Your most common questions answered about regenerative medicine treatments and what they can offer you.

R3 Stem Cell Introduction

Gloria Goode
I had this done in both knees. Total success and immediate relief. Words are inadequate to tell u how great this option is. Knee replacement surgery is a big deal. Why would anyone choose that when this remarkable option works?
Janet Witham Barnett
I have done stem cells and my knee is doing fantastic!! I had mine done in July!! I had physical therapy and tried to do what the Dr told me and it has progressed nicely! It is not an immediate fix!! It does take a few months.. but it is remarkable to get rid of the pain!
G Michael Muller
These are great people! Had my procedure done 2 weeks ago. Had them use human umbilical cord stem cells for my knee and amniotic fluid/PRP for my left elbow, right shoulder and lower back. Very reasonable price. I did my homework!
Gayle FCape Coral Florida
Had stem cells in both knees years ago. Still have not had to have two total knees that I had been told to do since both were bone on bone!
Theresa MPhoenix AZ
I wanted to avoid joint replacement since my first one resulted in a scary blood clot. Had the procedure 6 months ago - no pain since!
David GOroville CA
I had it done on my knee and it worked great.
Gail MPalm Springs CA
I know about these clinics. Know some treated people who could not move without severe pain..they now lead a miraculously beautiful life..amazing stories.

Amniotic Stem Cell Treatment

One of the most revolutionary regenerative medicine treatments now being offered includes amniotic stem cell activator treatments. These are FDA regulated and contain growth factors, hyaluronic acid and stem cell activators.

Stem Cell Therapy Offers
Nonoperative Options

With a third of the US suffering from chronic pain, and over a milion each year
undergoing joint replacements in the US, stem cell therapy has a large target audience.
Whether you have a stem cell procedure to get back into sports, avoid hip or knee
replacement or avoid back surgery, regenerative medicine can help!

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