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Top Ways To Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Top Ways To Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is a relatively common procedure, especially amongst those who are older in age.  As we age, our joints begin to break down due to wear and tear, or injury in the past.  As a result of this breakdown, many patients begin feeling pain.  While your first instinct may be to resort to surgery to help fix this pain, surgery is not always the answer.  While surgery does work part of the time, there are also times where surgery does not remove the pain the patient is feeling.  In addition, surgery carries significant risks and potential side effects.  As a result, most orthopedic specialists will recommend their patients do everything in their power to avoid surgery if possible.   Below are surgical alternatives for patients who are trying to push off surgery as long as possible.



            While rest may seem too easy to actually work, in many cases, joint pain is caused by overuse of the joint.  This can be due to a particular sport such as golf or tennis, or due to a job that requires repetitive use of a specific joint.  Sometimes, all the body needs is a little rest and ice to get rid of the pain.

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Physical Therapy

            If rest and ice are not enough, physical therapy is another conservative treatment that can greatly help with joint pain.  Physical therapy can help a person to regain strength and range of motion in an affected joint.  It is important to remember that physical therapy takes time and recovery will not come overnight.  However, undergoing physical therapy for a few months is worth avoiding a surgery that comes with various risks and side effects.


Cortisone Shots

            If rest and physical therapy do not work, steroid injections may be recommended.  Steroid injections are given directly into the affected joint and help to reduce the amount of inflammation present in the joint.  This can help to reduce pain and allow the patient a better quality of life.  Steroid injections are often able to postpone the need for surgery, and they work even better when in combination with physical therapy.


Stem Cell Therapy     

            Last but definitely not least is stem cell therapy.  Stem cell therapy is a new and medically advanced therapy that has shown great promise, particularly in the field of orthopedics.  Stem cells have the ability to harness the body’s natural healing powers and help regenerate damaged tissue.  In many cases, joint pain occurs because the cartilage in the joint is being worn down.  Stem cells can help regenerate this cartilage, thus, reducing the amount of pain a person feels.

            There are many alternatives to undergoing surgery if you are a person who is suffering from chronic joint pain.  While surgery may seem like the quick and easy way out, it comes with a host of risks and side effects and does not always remove the pain a person is feeling.  If you are suffering from joint pain, it would be best to try the above options before resorting to surgery.  Rest, physical therapy, steroid injections, and stem cell therapy at stem cell therapy Phoenix can all help you avoid joint replacement surgery in the future. 

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