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Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa AZ & Nashville TN

Over the past decade, R3’s worldwide clinics have performed over 20,000 umbilical cord stem cell procedures, with very high patient satisfaction rates. R3 is the best stem cell clinic in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa metro with a headquarters that is over 7000 square feet, contemporary with highly experienced faculty providers. We use the term faculty because the R3 providers offer CME accredited training on regenerative therapies to providers from all over the country!




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Here are answers to many of the frequently asked questions we receive.

R3antiaging offers the following Regenerative Therapies

Where does the umbilical cord come from?

The umbilical cords that are used for regenerative procedures are obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section.  A c-section birth is more “sterile” than a vaginal birth as it’s performed in a surgical setting. This reduces the risk of contamination.


In addition, the mothers are rigorously screened prior to birth. There is a large list of diseases that are tested for with a blood test. Mothers are also administered a medical questionnaire looking at risk factors such as smoking, tattoos, previous drug use, etc.


If a consenting mother is deemed satisfactory for donating, then a technician attends the procedure. The mother and baby are fine. Instead of discarding the umbilical cord, though, the technician places it in a sterile container, transports to the processing lab, and then the umbilical cord is processed right away.


The processing is performed in an FDA registered lab that abides by cGMP and AATB standards. The processing abides by the FDA’s minimal manipulation standards without any culturing or enzyme dissociation.

Why use an umbilical cord?

An umbilical cord provides nutrition and oxygen to the growing fetus. Amazingly, it contains an extremely high number of regenerative elements. These include extensive growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and stem cells.


As it turns out, researchers have discovered over the past few decades just how beneficial these factors are when using into other humans. Because the umbilical cord tissue is obtained from a donor, it is referred to as an allograft. If it was from the same person, it would be called an autograft. The umbilical cord allograft tissue has become a very popular material to use for achieving pain relief in patients.

Who is a candidate for an umbilical cord procedure?

R3 offers umbilical cord stem cell injections to patients who are suffering from all types of joint pain, such as knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, and also back and neck pain too. In addition, patients who have an overuse issue such as tennis or golfer’s elbow respond well to the injections. Plantar fasciitis is another ailment that receives tremendous relief with umbilical cord allograft.


The ultimate decision on what to receive umbilical cord stem cells for involves a  conversation between you and the treating doctor. If our doctor determines that your condition is amenable to an umbilical cord stem cell procedure, then the decision is between you and the provider.

What is the process for receiving therapy?

Receiving umbilical cord stem cell therapy in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa metro at R3 is very straightforward. Our office will provide you with pre and post procedure detailed instructions regarding medications to avoid, activities to avoid, etc. You should definitely eat and drink in the hours prior to your procedure.


Most of the time, the umbilical cord allograft procedure involves an injection. Our providers use image guidance, with ultrasound, to ensure that the needle is accurately placed. Numbing medicine is applied to make the procedure very tolerable.


The umbilical cord stem cell injection procedure typically takes less than 45 minutes. Should the umbilical cord stem cells be delivered in a different manner, you will receive detailed instructions from your provider and the office customized to you.

Are there restrictions before and after the procedure?

There are some slight restrictions before and after receiving an umbilical cord stem cell procedure. These have been developed continuously over a decade of best practice protocols.


There are a few medications that will need to be stopped several days before, along with some herbs and supplements as well. These are to protect patients from potential bleeding issues and also to allow the regenerative elements to work optimally.


After the procedures, there are also some restrictions. These include a restriction on some medications, no ice being used for two weeks and no high impact activities for a couple weeks.

How much are the procedures?

Worldwide, R3 performs a high volume of procedures. So R3 has used its buying power to significantly bring down the cost of the umbilical cord allograft stem cell procedures.


Currently, a stem cell joint injection in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa metro area is only $2495. There are no add on fees associated, and the procedures come with R3’s Therapy Commitment too!


For multiple joints and for additional types of procedures, the fees will be higher. But rest assured that you will not find a better value than what you will receive at R3’s first rate center in Arizona.

What are the risks?

Risks of an umbilical cord stem cell procedure at R3 are absolutely minimal. But they do exist so should be mentioned. Rare risk of infection, bleeding, nerve injury and others that are detailed on the consent form. R3 has not seen a significant adverse event in over a decade, but they do need to be mentioned.


The umbilical cord allograft tissue used at R3 abides by first rate safety measures and ISO Certified quality control measures. Very rigorous screening measures are performed on the umbilical cord tissue prior to it being used. To date, R3 has not seen any deep infections or significant adverse events (see disclaimer at the bottom).

What separates R3 from the rest of the clinics?

R3’s stem cell clinics have been worldwide for over ten years and 20,000 procedures. You want the clinic with the most experience? R3 is it!


Outcomes – R3’s patient satisfaction rate exceeds 85% year over year. That means 85 out of 100 patients say they would undergo the procedure again or recommend it to friends and family. And if the result is suboptimal, R3 stands behind its procedures with its Therapy Commitment!


Customization – while most clinics offer just ONE protocol, R3 actually has over twenty best practice protocols that have been established over the past decade. What that means is your procedure will be customized to your unique needs!

What does the FDA say about this?

The FDA has written a Regulatory Handbook on regenerative medicine years ago pertaining to how stem cells, tissue and biologics are regulated. To date, no umbilical cord stem cell therapy has been FDA approved in the USA.


However, the FDA does not regulate the practice of medicine. The decision of how to proceed with treatment for your specific situation is made between you and your doctor. So while the FDA considers stem cell therapy experimental and outcomes will vary, you can undergo certain treatments.

How to obtain umbilical cord stem cell therapy?

R3 offers free consultations so that individuals can find out if they or a loved one is a candidate for umbilical cord stem cell procedures. Simply call (833) R3-AGING today to set up your free in person or virtual consultation.


R3 has a beautiful Scottsdale AZ headquarters clinic location that is over 7000 square feet where treatments are performed. In addition to umbilical cord stem cell therapies, R3 offers many aesthetic procedures, IV Wellness, hyperbaric oxygen, laser therapies, shockwave therapy and more!

Disclaimer: R3 is not offering stem cell therapy as a cure. The FDA considers stem cell therapy experimental. Any testimonials offered are one individual’s experience and outcomes will vary.


Receive aesthetics treatments from our doctors who are experts at achieving your desired outcome! First rate hair restoration, facial rejuvenation, and sexual health procedures.



Our skilled doctors actually teach providers nationwide how to perform aesthetic procedures. Who better to receive treatment from than a highly skilled instructor!



Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common in adults, with an overall prevalence of 77%. R3 offers exceptionally effective therapies for ED, such as the E Shot, that will help men and couples thrive in the bedroom!


ED treatment needs to be customized for optimal results. R3 offers shockwave therapy, medications, PRP therapy with Growth Factors (E Shot), exosomes, stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.



R3 has been a leader globally with stem cell therapy for over a decade with 20,000 procedures in 10 years! This includes stem cell therapy in Scottsdale and Nashville for patients that help with pain relief and improve quality of life.


R3 offers exosome therapies, which are top notch stem cell derived biologics that facilitate repair and regeneration in your body!


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