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Stem Cell Treatment in Tulsa

Stem Cell Treatment in Tulsa

A Stem cell therapy enables the repair of tissues and organs in the body that have degenerated due to aging, disease, or even an injury. As a result, conditions and diseases that arise as a reason of this degeneration are tackled without a need for surgery. Significant improvement in the health of treated patients has made it an alternative to traditional methods of treatment.


Cosmetic and musculoskeletal conditions, as well as neurodegenerative issues, can be treated with a high-quality regenerative medicine such as the Stem cell treatment we offer at R3 Stem Cell. This product is developed under suitable conditions in a registered FDA lab by a team of experienced medical experts. It has been used for the treatment of different medical conditions in over 10,000 patients.


The R3 Stem cell treatment is carried out by a certified doctor in our clinical centers that have been equipped with modern high-end technologies. Conditions that can be treated include Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Erectile Dysfunction, Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Palsy and many more. For this reason, patients have an alternative to surgery which can be just as effective.


The regenerative materials used for the R3 Stem cell procedure can be internally sourced where they are obtained from the body of the patient in regions containing a high amount of Stem cells. On the other hand, they can be sourced externally by obtaining amniotic and umbilical cord tissues from donors undergoing a scheduled C-section.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Using Stem cells that aid in the repair or replacement of cells and tissues in the body to treat conditions and diseases is known as Stem cell therapy. Stem cells facilitate the repair of the body and that is why transplanting them in a patient can speed up their healing process. The body can be made to heal by itself naturally without drugs or surgery.


Am I a Good Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy?

Several conditions can be treated with Stem cells but then, you need to be diagnosed by a doctor who will be able to determine your state of health and if you need a Stem cell treatment. They will also be in the best position to recommend the procedure you need for treatment. On that note, please check here to consult with a doctor before deciding on the next course of action


How are The Regeneration Materials Acquired?

The materials used in our R3 stem cell are obtained from donors undergoing a C-section with their consent. The donors are tested to be healthy and are not over the age of 35. These materials of amniotic fluid, placenta, umbilical cord tissue are then placed in a sterile container where they are to be processed in an FDA registered laboratory.


How Is the Stem Cell Procedure Carried Out?

In our procedures, stems cells that have been processed into an injectable liquid form are either infused through IV or directly injected into the patient’s body.  This procedure is carried out by one of our certified doctors. Here, patient harvesting is not required and there is no downtime hence, this one time treat is minimally invasive.


Are These Procedures FDA Approved?

No, these procedures are not approved by the FDA because regenerative medicine can neither be approved nor denied as is the case of drugs. Rather, they can only be regulated by the FDA to ensure the highest level of patient safety. This regulation covers how regenerative materials are acquired, stored, tested, and processed as well as the medical devices used.


You can get a Stem cell treatment in Tulsa city of Oklahoma instead of traveling to other regions in the State where our R3 Stem cell treatment is also being offered. While this helps to cut the cost of traveling, it saves you the time since you don’t have to skip your busy schedule before you can receive treatment. By contacting one of our doctors here, you can be booked for a free appointment.


With our regenerative medicine that has improved the lives of thousands of people, you too can be disease and pain-free. When this happens, you will not rely on drugs anymore or undergo a surgery that may only be able to mitigate the symptoms. For more information about our R3 Stem cell treatment, please check here  or Visit us at  and call us at (844) GET-STEM for more information on our stem cell treatment.

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