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Stem Cell Treatment in St Louis

Stem Cell Treatment in St Louis

Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical method of treatment that is a healthy alternative to surgery utilizing stem cells. This is because patients who have undergone this regenerative procedure do not require days or weeks to recuperate, and they also do not need medications to facilitate their healing. Therefore, the body can heal on its own and speedily after a stem cell treatment. 


In St Louis, Missouri a Stem cell treatment is carried out in an R3 clinical center of excellence equipped with modern technologies to meet the ever-changing trends in technology. Our regenerative procedures are only performed by certified doctors to ensure that patients with degenerative or hematopoietic disorders get the best regenerative procedure tailored to their condition. 


As a result, conditions in patients such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, trigeminal neuralgia, and Lyme disease can be treated. This positive outcome can also be attributed to the high quality of stem cells as well as exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, mRNA in our regenerative materials. These materials are products of conception which include Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues. 


Moreover, the concentration of stem cells in these materials has been maintained because they are processed in an FDA certified laboratory without significant radiation or preservatives. Thus, the risk level in the use of these materials for treatment is low, where the highest level of patient safety has been put in place through the stages of acquiring, testing, storing, and processing. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medical procedure where stem cells are transplanted in the body of a patient suffering from an acute injury or chronic illness. This is done with the aim of stimulating the repair mechanism of the body to repair tissues, cells, and organs that are dysfunctional or damaged. As a result, the health of the patient can be restored when these conditions have been reversed. 


What do These Regenerative Materials Contain? 

Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues are the regenerative materials used for our stem cell treatment. These materials include Amniotic fluid, Wharton’s jelly, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, and placental membrane. These are all products of conception and they contain concentrations of growth factors, high numbers of cytokines and Stem cells, and elements of mRNA, exosomes, secretomes, and microsomes. 


How are the Regenerative Procedures Carried Out? 

Regenerative procedures performed in our clinical centers are carried out by injecting stem cells into the bloodstream of the patient or by infusing through IV. This is usually an outpatient procedure that is completed in a single day. Within a few minutes to an hour, stem cells can be successfully transplanted in patients because it is a process that does not require surgery or patient harvesting and it has no downtime. 


Am I a Good Stem Cell Candidate? 

There is no definite answer since you can only know if you need a stem cell therapy after your condition has been diagnosed and then a stem cell treatment has been recommended by a doctor.  

While most degenerative conditions in tissues, cells, or organs can be treated with a stem cell therapy, your best bet is to check here in order to consult with one of our certified doctors. 


Does Insurance Cover Regenerative Procedures? 

Currently, there is no insurance coverage for regenerative procedures because it is difficult or impossible to get a patent for Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues. But then, at our R3 Stem Cell Centers, there are financial plans and payment options you can choose from depending on which is most preferable by you. Thus, finance will not pose a limitation in getting a regenerative procedure. 


Our R3 Stem Cell center in St Louis is a state of the art facility whose high-end technologies can offer patients the best medical healthcare. Since this is a non-invasive regenerative procedure, you do not have to skip work before you can receive treatment.  

Therefore, to get a Stem Cell Treatment in St Louis, please check here to make a free appointment or consultation with our doctors. 


At the completion of your stem cell therapy, your body will begin its natural healing process which will leave you pain-free in no time. More information you may require concerning our R3 Stem cell treatment can be found here. For inquiries or any medical concerns, you may have regarding stem cell therapy, please call us at (844) GET-STEM or Visit us at  


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