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Stem Cell Treatment in Reno

Stem Cell Treatment in Reno

Medical conditions like an Injury in the joint or diseases such as hepatitis, Child-Pugh A and B, and peripheral artery disease have been successfully treated in patients through stem cell therapy. This is a regenerative medical procedure that uses stem cells to stimulate the mechanisms responsible for the body’s repair into action. As a result, dysfunctional or damaged tissues, cells, as well as organs in the body can be repaired.  


R3 Stem Cell is a center of excellence that performs stem cell treatment in a bid to improve the state of health of people suffering from musculoskeletal, cardiac, disease, cosmetic and neurological conditions. This is an aim that is achieved with the use of high-end technologies in the state-of-the-art clinical centers across the nation. 


Our team of certified, and experienced doctors who carry out these therapies diagnose each patient in order to determine the best regenerative procedure for them. That is why patients can always expect an excellent outcome since this has also been the case with over 10,000 patients treated in the R3 Stem cell for over six years now. 


The stem cells used for our regenerative procedures are acquired from the patient that is to be treated, in regions of the body where the number of stem cells is high. Alternatively, we make use of regenerative materials that are acquired, tested, stored and processed in accordance with the standards of the FDA to ensure the highest level of patient safety. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) is the process of transplanting stem cells in a patient either suffering from musculoskeletal, neurological, or cardiac conditions. A completion of this therapy facilitates the healing process in their body, where the repair of cells, tissues, and organs that are dysfunctional can occur naturally. 


How are the Regenerative Materials Acquired? 

The regenerative materials of Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues used for our regenerative procedures are obtained from patients who have been scheduled to undergo a c-section. These patients are tested to be healthy and they are not over the age of 35 to ensure that the stem cells and other elements contained in them are of a high quality. The materials are then stored in a sterile container and processed at an FDA certified lab. 


What do These Regenerative Materials Contain? 

Wharton’s jelly, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, placental membrane, and amniotic fluid are the products of conception used in our regenerative procedures. They contain elements such as concentrations of growth factors, exosomes, microsomes, secretomes, mRNA, and a high number of stem cells and cytokines. These components in regenerative materials aid in the damaged tissues resulting from an injury or disease. 


How are the Regenerative Procedures Carried Out? 

By injecting patients with stem cells or infusing through IV, our stem cell procedures at R3 Stem Cell is performed. This is an in-office or outpatient procedure that is completed in a single day since it is a onetime treatment. Within a few minutes to an hour, patients can undergo a stem cell therapy because our procedures do not involve patient harvesting, surgery, and there is no downtime.  


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

To ascertain if you need to undergo a stem cell therapy either for the reversal of conditions or an aesthetic treatment, you need to consult here with one of our certified doctors.  

Other than being a better approach before undergoing a stem cell therapy, it will ensure that you get the best regenerative procedure after your state of health has been evaluated. 


Currently, you can get a Stem cell treatment in Reno, Nevada because it is one of the regions in the US, where we offer stem cell therapy. This is a procedure that is performed only by our board-certified doctors in a state-of-the-art clinical center to ensure that while patients get the best regenerative procedure, they do so in a clinic that can cater for all their medical needs. 


Thus, please check here to make a free appointment or consultation with one of our doctors in Reno regarding any concerns you may have relating to stem cell therapy. More information about our R3 stem cell treatment can be found here. Also, you can visit us at  or call us at (844) GET-STEM. 


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