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Stem Cell Treatment in Orlando

Stem Cell Treatment in Orlando

The transplanting of stem cells to treat diseases and conditions is an advancement in science where the repair of degenerated and damaged tissues in the body can prevent these conditions, boost the immune system, and restore the blood system after treatment. That is why Stem cell products have been approved for marketing in countries like the US, UK and many others. 


One of such is the use of Stem cell for the treatment of diseases and conditions associated with aging, injury, or defective tissues/organs from birth. Some of these include Spinal arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Erectile Dysfunction, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, and many more. Having been used to treat thousands of patients in the past six years, our regenerative medicine promises an excellent outcome. 


At R3 Stem Cell, we are backed by a team of medical professionals using the state of the art technology in centers of excellence to acquire and process stem cells that are used for our R3 Stem cell therapy. This includes board-certified doctors, consultants, and other medical experts that are at your beck and call to help you on your way to recovery. 


We make use of stem cells acquired from the patient’s bone marrow for our procedures. Not limited to this, we also use biologic elements of amniotic and umbilical cord tissue to create our high-quality regenerative medicine. Moreover, the products are processed in suitable conditions and also treated and tested to ensure that while a quality drug is delivered, it is as safe as possible for all patients. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is the repair and replacement of damaged, dysfunctional, or diseased cells and tissues in the human body with the use of Stem cells. This therapy is carried out by a qualified medical expert and at completion; the body begins to repair itself thereby speeding up the patient’s healing. Neurological, Musculoskeletal, Cardiac, diseases, as well as cosmetic conditions benefit from this therapy. 


How is The Stem Cell Acquired? 

Our stem cell is obtained from the patient’s own body or externally sourced from consenting donors undergoing a surgery. In the case of the latter, we follow FDA regulations in acquiring these stem cells by receiving them from healthy patients who are not over the age of 35 years. These cells are then stored in a sterile container and are later processed in an FDA certified lab to be used for treatment. 


How is the R3 Stem Cell Procedure Carried Out? 

Our R3 stem cell therapy is done by injecting the patient or infusing through IV, stem cells that have been processed thereby transplanting them. These transplanted cells develop into mature cells that can repair or replace the brain cells, heart muscle cells etc. Also, this procedure is completed on the same day, where patients are required to spend only a few minutes to a couple of hours without any downtime. 


Am I a Good Candidate For Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy has the potential of helping your body heal from conditions and can also be used for aesthetic treatments that enhance our cosmetic appearance. But then, you need a diagnosis by a trained medical expert who will be able to determine if a stem cell treatment is what you need. Therefore, you can contact one of our certified doctors here for a free appointment or consultation. 


Will stem cell procedures with amniotic/umbilical tissue heal my condition? 

The amniotic and umbilical tissue used in our regenerative medicine can only be said to help your body heal by itself but there is never a 100% guarantee as is the case of any medicine. What these stems cells do is to home in on degenerated areas or tissues in your body where repair is needed. As a result, you may feel relieved very fast irrespective of your condition since the healing process of your body has been facilitated. 


At R3, we also offer a Stem cell treatment in Orlando to allow patients to receive treatment conveniently without making additional traveling expenses to a different region. That being the case, you can walk into an R3 center nearest to you to get a stem cell therapy that will help your body to heal. The best treatment is what you’ll get thanks to our state of the art types of equipment and qualified medical practitioners. 


Equally, this is a day’s treatment which means you do not have to leave your work, school, or any other engagement you may have while you receive treatment. Our minimally invasive therapy does not require patient harvesting or anesthesia, and there is no downtime that will require that you to spend more time than necessary. For more information on the R3 Stem cell treatment, please check here or Visit us at  and call us at (844) GET-STEM for more information on our stem cell therapy. 


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