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Stem Cell Treatment in Nashville

Stem Cell Treatment in Nashville

Stem cells in the human body help to repair damaged tissues; but as one ages or sustains an injury, it becomes difficult for the body to heal by itself. On the other hand, a stem cell therapy which reintroduces high-quality stem cells into the body can signal the body into a state of repair where diseases such as fatty liver, peripheral artery disease, Child-Pugh A and B, and hepatitis are reversed. 


Our R3 Stem Cell is a center of excellence where regenerative procedures are carried out to treat patients suffering from neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiac conditions as well as diseases. Aesthetic treatment with the use of stem cells to promote hair growth, enhance the facial outlook, eliminates scars and much more are performed in our centers. 


In our regenerative procedures, stem cells transplanted in patients can either be obtained from their own body or from regenerative materials. The latter are classified as biologics elements and they include Amniotic fluid, placental membrane, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood and Wharton’s jelly. 


In addition, this is a one-time treatment that does not only mitigate the symptoms of a disease or other medical conditions; it also facilitates the body’s healing process, promotes muscle growth, and boosts the body’s immune system. That is why the treatment of over 10,000 patients that has occurred in the past six years in our centers has significantly improved their state of health. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is a known as a regenerative medicine using stem cells to repair damaged tissues in the body. This method of treatment which helps the body to heal naturally is considered to be safer than surgery because the risks involved are low. Also, it can be used for the treatment of conditions such as osteoarthritis, autism, diabetes tendonitis etc, and even more than one condition at a time. 


How are These Regenerative Materials Acquired? 

Biologics elements of amniotic and umbilical cord tissues used as our regenerative materials are acquired from donors who are healthy and under the age of 35. These are donors who have been scheduled to undergo a C-section and with their consent, these materials are acquired. They are then stored in a sterile container and taken to an FDA approved laboratory for processing. 


How Is the Regenerative Procedure Carried Out? 

Regenerative procedures performed at our clinical centers involve injecting patients or infusing through IV, the stem cells that have been processed into an injectable liquid. This procedure is a one-time treatment that is completed on the same day. It does not require surgery or patient harvesting, and there is no downtime. As a result, patients do not have to skip work or miss out on most of the day’s activities to receive treatment. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

Several medical conditions can be reversed through stem cell therapy and if you’re suffering from any, then you may need to undergo a regenerative treatment. On the other hand, the best way to know if you need a stem cell therapy is to consult with one of our certified doctors here 

As a medical expert, they are in the right position to carry out a diagnosis that will determine your state of health and then make recommendations.  


Are all Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Products the Same? 

No, these regenerative materials are not the same. They may have the same biologic elements but the conditions under which they are processed in the lab may differ. When it comes to our materials, they are processed in an FDA certified lab where there is no significant radiation or preservative. This helps to maintain their high quality since the stem cells are not killed under these conditions.  



Currently, you can get a Stem cell treatment in Nashville city of the U.S. state of Tennessee to treat injuries and other medical conditions in order to accelerate your healing process.  

Therefore, if you are in this region, please check here to make an appointment with one of our doctors. As a non-invasive treatment, our regenerative procedures take a few minutes to an hour to be completed and as such, you can feel relieved in no time. 


A successful stem cell treatment will keep surgery and drugs at bay and that is something each patient at the R3 center looks forward to. You can find more information about our R3 Stem cell therapy here which will keep you informed about our regenerative procedures. For any inquiries you may have, please call at (844) GET-STEM or Visit us at for more information.  


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