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Stem Cell Treatment in Memphis

Stem Cell Treatment in Memphis

An innovative treatment for medical conditions such as autism, neuropathy, diabetes, trigeminal neuralgia, and Lyme disease, is stem cell therapy. It has been used by doctors to reverse these diseases that are ‘hard to treat’ in patients without the need for surgery. Moreover, the results with this method of treatment are permanent because degenerated tissues have been repaired. 


At R3 Stem cell, we perform stem cell therapy that signals the body’s repair mechanism to heal damaged and dysfunctional tissues. This process also promotes muscle growth and recreates new cells in the body. As a result, musculoskeletal, cardiac, neurological, and cosmetic conditions can be treated thereby improving a patient’s state of health. 


This Stem cell treatment is carried out in our clinical centers nationwide by our board-certified doctors. Each of these centers has been equipped with the latest technology which can provide a high level of performance resulting in great medical care. For this reason, whether you are chronically ill or suffering from an injury, your health can be restored after a one-time treatment. 


Stem cells used for our regenerative procedures can be acquired from the patient’s own body in the case of a bone marrow, or from Amniotic and umbilical cord tissues. These tissues are donated by consenting and healthy mothers who are not over the age of 35 to ensure that the quality of stem cells is high. For this reason, your body’s normal function can be restored within a short period of time. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat conditions that are caused by dysfunctional or damaged tissues in the human body. These stem cells help to repair degenerated tissues by releasing growth factors and recreating stem cells. As a consequence, medications are not needed to facilitate this healing since this process of transplanting stem cells stimulates the body’s repair mechanism. 


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

Before undergoing a stem cell therapy, you need to be checked by a doctor who will carry out a diagnosis to determine your state of health. This is because suffering from a medical condition is not a certainty that you need to undergo stem cell therapy. On that note, please check here to consult with one of our certified doctors. 

How are These Regenerative Procedures Carried Out? 

Regenerative procedures are performed at R3 Stem cell by injecting stem cells that were extracted from the patient’s own body back into the host or by infusing through IV. These stem cells can also be from an external source such as regenerative materials that have been processed into a soluble form that is injectable. This is a one-time procedure that is completed within some minutes to an hour and it does not require a downtime. 


Will Stem Cell Procedures With Amniotic/Umbilical Tissue Heal my Condition? 

A stem cell procedure mitigates the symptoms of diseases and facilitates the body’s healing process. Thus, patients who have undergone treatment will notice a significant improvement in their health. That being the case, it is not a cure for a disease but a therapy that aids in the body’s repair and boosting of the immune system to fight infection and diseases. 


Does Insurance Cover Regenerative Procedures? 

No, regenerative procedures are not covered by insurance as is the case of drugs. This is because it may be impossible for a pharmaceutical company to patent regenerative materials. On the other hand, the R3 Stem cell centers offer different financing and payment options to ensure that money is not a limitation to getting a stem cell treatment. 


Currently, you can get a Stem Cell Treatment in Memphis, Southwest Tennessee since there are R3 stem cell centers in this region. Our clinical centers have been equipped with cutting-edge technologies to provide for the medical needs of patients. Also, our board-certified doctors evaluate each patient’s medical condition and determine the best regenerative procedure for them. 


Thus, irrespective of your condition, you can spend a little amount of time receiving quality treatment that will enhance your state of health. So, take the next step and consult or make a free appointment with one of our doctors here 


You can also check here to get more information on the R3 stem cell treatment or contact us at (844) GET-STEM or visit our website at 



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