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Stem Cell Treatment in Kansas City

Stem Cell Treatment in Kansas City

Stem cell treatment is a recent innovation in medicine where the body can be made to heal naturally from an acute injury or disease within a short period of time through the use of stem cells. Thus, patients with osteoarthritis, tendonitis or a chronic illness do not have to undergo surgery or other traditional methods of treatment. This is because the regenerative procedures carried out during a stem cell therapy help to repair degenerated tissues in the body. 


R3 Stem Cell Clinics are spread across different regions in the US and one of such is Kansas City where Stem cell treatment is performed. This is a regenerative procedure carried out by our certified doctors in a state-of-the-art facility which ensures that irrespective of where a patient lives, he/she can still get the best medical care. 


Conditions in patients that are treatable through this stem cell therapy include diabetes, Sports Injuries, trigeminal neuralgia, autism, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, migraines and cluster headaches. Therefore, there is a ray of hope for patients despite their condition and their heavy reliance on medications can be a thing of the past. 


For our regenerative procedures, we make use of stem cells that are obtained from the patient’s own body or from products of conception; the latter is Amniotic and umbilical tissues donated by consenting and healthy mothers undergoing a c-section. These donors are not over the age of 35 which ensures that the stem cells are highly concentrated. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

A stem cell therapy is a regenerative procedure that helps the body to heal naturally by reintroducing high-quality stem cells into the bloodstream. These cells trigger the body to begin its repair by secreting bioactive factors in regions where tissues are damaged.  This process promotes tissue growth and recreation of new cells which helps in boosting the immune system. 


Am I a Good Stem Cell Candidate? 

A patient that is to undergo a stem cell treatment is one that is suffering from an injury, disease or other conditions. In that case, you may need to undergo a treatment if you have a medical condition. On the other hand, it is better to get professional advice from a doctor who has carried out a diagnosis to determine your state of health. On that note, please check here to consult with one of our doctors. 


How Exactly do These Materials Work? 

Regenerative materials contain stem cells whose role in the body is to aid in the repair of damaged tissues. Since stem cells may die as one ages, this natural repair process may be impossible but with the transplanting of new stem cells, the body can be signaled to get to work. Stem cells migrate to regions of damage in the body and secrete bioactive factors which enhance the immune system and recreates new cells. 


How are the Regenerative Procedures Carried Out? 

By injection or through IV infusion, patients in the R3 clinical centers are treated. The transplanting of these new cells into the body is an outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive. Consequently, it can be completed within some minutes to an hour and there is no downtime. This holds a promise of quick recovery allowing patients to resume their normal routine for the day. 


Are All Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Products the Same? 

No, they are not. This is because the methods of processing Amniotic and umbilical cord products may vary which will determine the quality of stem cells produced in the end. Also, some labs where regenerative materials are processed may not be certified by the FDA, hence the conditions under which these materials are processed will not meet the standards of the FDA. 


People suffering from a degenerative or hematopoietic disorder can get a Stem cell treatment in Kansas City at the R3 clinic in this region. Before the commencement of treatment, your state of health is evaluated by our certified doctors in order to ascertain the best regenerative procedure for you. Thus, the best possible result is what you should expect after our stem cell therapy. 


Moreover, even if you are on a tight schedule, you can still get treated because unlike surgery, there is no downtime after these procedures. You will be able to return to your day’s activities while your body begins its healing process.  

For more information about the R3 stem cell treatment, please check here or contact us at (844) GET-STEM.  You can also Visit us at for more information. 


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