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Stem Cell Treatment in Denver

Stem Cell Treatment in Denver

A successful stem cell therapy undergone by patients suffering from neurologic, musculoskeletal, cardiac, and cosmetic conditions can eliminate these conditions without leaving traces of an ailment. The significant improvement in health after this treatment can be attributed to the repair of cells, tissues, or organs that were once dysfunctional or damaged using stem cells.


These are the results we have achieved in our R3 Stem Cell clinical centers through our stem cell therapy. With the use of the latest techniques in our procedures, medical conditions such as diabetes, neuropathy, cerebral palsy, post-herpetic neuralgia, Sports injuries, and heart, kidney, and lung failure have been treated.


Stem cells used in our regenerative procedures are derived from the patient’s body or obtained from consenting mothers who have been scheduled for a C-section. These cells are then processed in laboratories that have been certified by the FDA where low preservatives are used to ensure the number of stem cells in these materials is maintained.


At R3 Stem cell, our regenerative procedures are only carried out by doctors who are experienced and learned in the field. The best part is, this is a one-time treatment that is completed on the same day patients have been scheduled for therapy. As a result, your work time is not tampered with while you still get the best medical care that can deliver excellent results.


What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is known as a regenerative medical procedure where stem cells are used to repair damaged tissues in the body. The result is a fast healing process of the body because tissues are repaired, stem cells restored, and disease is reversed. This is a procedure that can be carried out either using stem cells that are derived from the patient’s bone marrow or regenerative materials.


What are the Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy has gained popularity in the treatment of known and unknown medical conditions. This can be attributed to the following advantages it has:


Fast recovery: Unlike traditional methods of treatment that require days and weeks of rest before a patient can fully recover from the procedure, this is not the case with a stem cell therapy. That is to say, patients can come and go after a therapy, and resume their work.


Low risk: The risk of undergoing a stem cell therapy is low when compared to surgery or a bone marrow transplant that is irreversible. Moreover, our regenerative materials are acquired, tested, stored, and processed according to the regulations of the FDA to ensure the highest level of patient safety.


Accelerates healing: Transplanting stem cells in regions of the body where tissues have been damaged speeds up the healing process. This is because the body is signaled to begin its repair thereby mitigating symptoms of the condition.


What do Regenerative Materials Contain?

For stem cell treatment, we use regenerative materials of amniotic and umbilical tissue. These materials include amniotic fluid, placental membrane, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, and Wharton’s jelly. The components of these materials include stem cells as well as cytokines, exosomes, microsomes, mRNA, and secretomes.


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy?

You may need to undergo a stem cell therapy if you have a degenerative disease or generally, damaged cells, tissues, or an organ such as the heart or kidney. Since it is not advisable to assume you need treatment, you can consult or book an appointment here with one of our doctors who will be able to ascertain your state of health and make necessary recommendations.


How is The Stem Cell Procedure Carried Out?

Our regenerative procedure for the treatment of medical conditions is carried out by injecting or infusing through IV, stem cells into the human body. This procedure is done without patient harvesting and there is no downtime. This translates into fast recovery for patients where they can resume their routines immediately.


R3 stem cells centers can be found nationwide, and that includes a region like Denver where our team or medical experts offer stem cell treatment. This is a regenerative procedure carried out with a high-quality stem cell to give the best possible outcomes. Thus, to get a Stem cell treatment in Denver, please check here and schedule a free appointment with one of our doctors.


There’s no need to take time off work since it only takes a few minutes to an hour to complete our stem cell transplant.  More information pertaining to the R3 Stem cell treatment can be found here.

Also, you can Visit us at or contact us at (844) GET-STEM for any inquiries or medical concerns you may have regarding our R3 stem cell treatment in Denver.

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