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Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Arthritis is the umbrella term to describe the set of diseases associated with joint inflammation and pains. Simply, arthritis means inflammation or disease of the joint. Although the term arthritis is commonly used, it could be referring to any of the hundred or more forms of ankle and foot impediments. They range from extreme pain and bone deformation to limiting movement and the ability to walk.

One reason why arthritis has an overwhelming effect on movement is that each foot has 28 bones and at least 30 joints. A problem with one foot will definitely have painful effects on movement. Call (844) GET-STEM to know more about stem cell therapy. 

Thankfully, arthritis is one of those serious diseases that can be treated with a wide range of effective remedy services available. One of those beneficial remedies to arthritis is using stem cells from the body as a treatment option. In the end, the treatment available will depend on the level of the injury and the state of the condition.

Stem cell therapy doctors in Phoenix, AZ may recommend stem cell therapy as a treatment option, but here are some of the effects of arthritis on the entire body.

Symptoms and Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis isn’t a disease that’s hard to detect. Although the diagnosis is an extensive process, the affected part is the foot and ankle, therefore there’ll be some difficulty in walking. Although the level of difficulty will depend on the extent of arthritis in the foot, the joint will experience a level of unease. It may be in the form of stiffness, pain, swelling, or inflammation.

To reduce the risk of total infection, it’s important to visit the doctor to discuss the unease you feel in your joint as soon as possible. The early stages of arthritis usually come with a fever. So a fever and a swollen or painful joint may be an indication of arthritis.

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

Stem cell therapy can be a treatment for different types of foot and ankle conditions, one of which is arthritis. Since stem cell procedure is about receiving blood-forming stem cells that’ll replace the existing damaged ones. This also helps to heal arthritic joints, even faster than other treatment procedures.

Not only does it heal faster, but it also prevents future injuries and slows down the degeneration process. It also has more benefits than other forms of treatment. First off, it’s a non-surgical operation that doesn’t require much time and you can forgo the side effects of surgical operations.

Also, you’re restored to your regular activities quickly with full strength and immediate mobility. You skip the pain and rehabilitation process and move straight on to healing. The healing process includes the healing up of affected tissues and the relief of pain and inflammation. Patients begin to experience improvement in symptoms after treatments are concluded. 

Getting a trustworthy institution to handle your stem cell therapy is as important as the extensive benefits of the therapy. R3 Stem Cell offers excellent stem cell therapy in Phoenix AZ.

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