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Stem Cell Cost in the Philippines

Stem Cell Cost in the Philippines

The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in the Philippines

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With R3 Stem Cell now in the Philippines, no one needs to leave the country for first rate stem cell and exosome therapies! R3 keeps the cost of stem cell therapy in the Philippines low, with treatment starting at only $2950 USD.

For a long time, first rate regenerative therapies have not been available in the Philippines. While a few clinics have been offering autologous stem cell treatments with either adipose or bone marrow, these options are inferior when it comes to outcomes.

Therefore, R3 Stem Cell in the Philippines offers regenerative therapies with umbilical cord stem cell treatments. This is called allogeneic treatment, meaning that the tissue comes from a donor. The umbilical cord tissue is derived from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section. The process is the same as what the US FDA regulates, which includes stringent testing for communicable diseases and unparalleled quality assurance.

Worldwide, R3 Stem Cells’ Centers have performed over 17,000 procedures, with an amazing safety record combined with incredibly effective outcomes. R3 has developed over 20 customized protocols for various conditions such as autism, ALS, MS, CP, arthritis, stroke, diabetes, kidney, heart, liver, COPD, Alzheimer’s and many more. This includes application through intravenous, injection, nebulizer, intrathecal, intranasal or intramuscular.

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Some of the procedures are performed in one day, while others take multiple days. Why? The reason is that R3’s providers understand that only so many stem cells should be administered in one day for the highest effectiveness and safety.

What is the Cost of R3 Stem Cell Therapy in Philippines?

Based on the amount of stem cell treatments globally, R3 has been able to leverage its buying power to make the regenerative therapies very cost effective. The cost of stem cell therapy in Thailand, China and other countries people travel to from the Philippines often exceeds $20,000 USD. This is ridiculous! Considering that most patients need repeat treatments over time, having to pay that much is an incredible strain on finances.

Therefore, R3 Stem Cell has made it a mission to keep the cost of stem cell therapy very cost effective. Whereas other countries charge in excess of $20,000 USD per treatment, R3 charges less than half than these other countries. This make it much less of a burden on patients to receive initial and repeat treatments to receive the best outcome.

How does R3 keep down the cost of stem cell therapy in Philippines? Well, as mentioned, R3 has considerable volume worldwide. This has truly helped. But also, R3 doesn’t take advantage of patients by over charging for treatment. The mission of R3 since day one has been to make high quality treatment exceptionally cost effective with high cell counts and unparalleled quality assurance for highest safety.

If you or a loved one is considering stem cell therapy in the Philippines, call R3 today to set up your free consultation!

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