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Regenerative Therapy Specialists of the Year

Regenerative Therapy Specialists of the Year

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 | Healthcare, Life Sciences & Medicinal Industries

R3 Stem Cell, LLC                                                                                                                                 Arizona | United States


” These innovative treatments have the power to harness the body’s 

regenerative capabilities in order to repair damaged musculoskeletal 

tissue and eliminate pain for good.” 


With a wealth of clinics throughout the United States, R3 Stem Cell offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine procedures and treatments. This includes therapies using amniotic and umbilical cord tissue, bone marrow, or adipose-derived, all of which are FDA-regulated materials containing growth factors, hydraulic acid, cytokines, exosomes, and stem cells. These innovative treatments have the power to harness the body’s regenerative capabilities in order to repair damaged musculoskeletal tissue (such as tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone) and eliminate pain for good. This can also allow individuals to increase functional ability in a cost-effective manner with low risk, making a difference in their lives by helping them avoid surgery and remain as active as possible. 

Regenerative therapy can be useful for those with a range of issues and conditions, including joint arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, ligament sprains, fractures, cartilage defects, COPD, kidney failure, stroke, MS, ALS, dementia, heart failure, and diabetes. Traditionally, nonoperative pain management methods have been used, which generally do not have any healing effects but can temporarily reduce pain, unlike the new stem cell injections offered by R3. All clinics offer a no-cost consultation to see if the patient is a candidate for regenerative cell treatment, and all of the therapies at R3 are administered by providers who are compassionate and highly skilled.

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The judging panel was impressed by the company’s dedication to research and development in this revolutionary medicinal field. R3 Stem Cell is the only U.S. company to have achieved Institutional Review Board Approval for the investigation of regenerative therapies with amniotic and umbilical cord tissue for several condition categories. Its team of specialists is also conducting an IRB Approved, patient-funded study for further research on the subject. For patients who are unsure about the various procedures or those that simply want to know more, R3 provides a wealth of resources, including countless free webinars and videos on the topic. 


Judge Andrew Walsh said: “R3 Stem Cell is paving the way for a new era of regenerative medicine, helping more patients to access treatment even if they do  not meet the criteria for research studies – thus transforming the lives of regular  people each and every day.”


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