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Regenerative Medicine vs. Traditional Methods of Treatment

Regenerative Medicine vs. Traditional Methods of Treatment

Traditional methods of treatments, such as medications and surgeries, have been around for decades, and billions of people have been saved from medical conditions that would have been, but for the intervention of medical practices, life-threatening. Many more people will benefit from traditional medical procedures, and every new invention will complement and enhance the old practices to help save more lives.

Regenerative medicine is one of the new practices in the medical field. It is fairly new to the market, yet regenerative procedures are becoming more popular with each success story. Millions of people have benefited from these safe and effective treatment approaches that use the body’s natural healing agents.

Through regenerative procedures, doctors have been able to treat conditions that were once perceived to be incurable.  Here are some of the differences between traditional methods and regenerative procedures.

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Pain Management/ Fixing the Root of the Problem

In certain medical conditions, traditional procedures only seek to reduce the patient’s pain, while regenerative procedures seek to completely correct the problem by fixing the root of the problem. For example, doctors would recommend pain relief drugs for some orthopedic conditions. These drugs only give hours of relief, and then patients go back to the excruciating pain.

On the other hand, regenerative procedures seek to correct the issue from the cellular level. Orthopedic conditions can now be safely treated through cellular regeneration. If a stem cell is injected into the troubled part, the stem cells will proliferate and give rise to healthy cells that can correct the whole issue.

One Approach Fits All

Another fantastic thing about regenerative medicine is its one approach fits all methods. The aim is never to manage but to fix completely. So, regenerative approaches only involve using the natural agents gotten from the body to treat diseases and medical conditions.

In addition, regenerative procedures have many applications. For example, stem cell therapy can treat orthopedic, ophthalmologic, urologic, autoimmune, and neurologic diseases.

More Conditions are Curable with Regenerative Procedures 

Another critical difference between regenerative medicine and traditional medicine is in the former’s application for some diseases that had previously been described as incurable.

For example, stem cell therapy is effective in the treatment of certain types of cancers. These conditions had been formerly thwarted as fatal, and doctors could only give a short hope of life after painful and expensive chemotherapy sessions. With regenerative medicine, the treatment of these conditions has become safer, less costly, and more permanent.

Fast and Continuous Treatment

Regenerative procedures involve introducing substances such as stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, and exosomes into the body. These natural defenses begin working almost immediately and continue helping the body for months after their injections.

Patients who undergo regenerative medicine treatments will continue seeing changes months after. They neither need periodic visits to the doctor’s office nor do they have to remember to use seemingly unending bottles of drugs.

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