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R3 Stem Cell Opens New Treatment Center in Cancun Mexico

R3 Stem Cell Opens New Treatment Center in Cancun Mexico

R3 Stem Cell, the global leader in regenerative therapies, has opened a new treatment center in Cancun Mexico. The contemporary center offers first-rate umbilical cord stem cell and exosome therapies to help patients achieve a better quality of life with extremely affordable pricing.

For the past decade, R3 has been at the forefront of regenerative therapies, with over 21,000 stem cell procedures performed at 45 clinics in seven countries. R3 is the top Mexico stem cell treatment center, with robust locations in Tijuana, the updated one in Cancun, and one in Cabo forthcoming.

To celebrate, R3 is offering a free stay at a Five Star resort as part of the Grand Opening for every patient who receives 100 million stem cells or more. Free ground transportation is offered for patients, and R3 will pick them up at the airport and transport them to the clinic, hotel, and back as well.

Treatment at the new Cancun stem cell treatment clinic is offered with over 20 customized protocols. According to R3 CEO David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA, “Each patient is different and deserves a unique treatment approach. Our patient satisfaction every year exceeds 85%, and we’ve made sure to offer the most cost-effective regenerative therapies in the world. There is no better center for treatment!”

R3’s pricing hasn’t changed in several years. Very high cell counts are offered to make sure the outcomes are optimal. With Cancun being such a beautiful destination, patients can relax on the beach after treatment and make it a vacation destination.

Common conditions treated in Cancun include stem cell therapy for autism, cerebral palsy, arthritis, stroke, spinal cord injury, neuropathy, diabetes, MS, ALS, autoimmune syndromes, heart and kidney failure, COPD, Post Covid, and cirrhosis. Free consultations are offered to patients to find out if they or a loved one is a candidate.

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