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R3 Stem Cell Mexico is Now Offering 150 Billion Exosomes for Only $3950

R3 Stem Cell Mexico is Now Offering 150 Billion Exosomes for Only $3950

R3 Stem Cell Mexico is now offering treatment with 100 billion exosomes for only $3950. The treatments are available in both of R3’s Mexico locations including Tijuana and Cancun. They have been a revolutionary treatment option for patients who have either failed conventional therapy, or when options don’t exist.


Exosomes, which are also called extracellular vesicles, have been an amazing treatment for promoting repair and regeneration in one’s body through “cell to cell” communication. Patients at R3’s Centers have received incredible outcomes for arthritis, autoimmune syndromes, sports injuries, anti-aging, stroke, kidney failure and more. In addition, over the past decade R3’s Centers globally have not experienced a significant adverse event.


Exosome treatment Mexico

R3 utilizes exosomes derived from umbilical cord stem cells, which are produced at labs that are cGMP compliant globally. The exosomes are highly concentrated and potent, combined with extremely high quality assurance. The quality assurance standards are equitable to those required by the US FDA.


The reason R3 has been able to offer the highly concentrated exosome therapy in Mexico at such a low price is due to the “buying power” due to high volume. Those savings are passed along to patients.


The exosome procedures are performed by R3’s highly qualified providers, either through intravenous, injection, nebulizer, or intranasal. Often times, the exosomes are combined with mesenchymal stem cells for optimal results. R3 maintains over 20 different protocols for therapy, which are selected based on an individual’s specific needs.


Best Exosome Treatment

In addition to the first rate, effective, exosome treatments, R3 offers patients transportation to and from the San Diego airport (or hotel) along with assistance on lodging reservations.


All in all, R3’s Centers of Excellence globally have performed over 19,000 stem cell and exosome procedures in the past decade. In Mexico alone, over 1500 procedures have been performed since inception. This has made R3 Stem Cell the global leader in regenerative procedures!


Patients have included everyone from professional athletes, celebrities, executives, grandparents, manual workers, students and young adults with chronic conditions. The treatments are performed as an outpatient.


For those interested in receiving 150 billion exosomes for only $3950 at the best stem cell Mexico clinic, simply call R3 to set up a free consultation at +1 (888) 988-0515.

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