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R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Free Guide on Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Failure

One of the main reasons R3 Stem Cell consults on patients is for chronic kidney disease which can lead to kidney failure. This may be secondary to diabetes, high blood pressure, a genetic condition or other factors. 

Understandable, patients have a LOT of questions about the prospects of undergoing stem cell therapy for chronic kidney disease (CKD). After a decade of treating over 23,000 patients globally in six countries, R3 has more experience than ANY OTHER regenerative clinics with successfully helping CKD patients.

How well does it work? Spoiler alert on the R3 Stem Cell Kidney Guide – it works great! The Guide goes through the mechanisms of action of stem cells, what the latest research studies show for chronic kidney disease, and answers FAQ’s throughout such as where the biologics come from along with reviewing safety standards.

Traditional therapies are just not great for CKD. Who wants to be stuck on dialysis several days a week? There are potential severe complications with it, and the same goes for patients lucky enough to receive a transplant. What if you could avoid that altogether with stem cell therapy?

Unfortunately, most stem cell centers are unaffordable for the vast majority of people. They cater to the “1%” of individuals. The problem with that is even if a person can come up with the necessary funds, it’s important to understand that stem cells won’t cure kidney disease. Repeat treatments are needed, so affordability is a must!

R3’s Centers offer the most affordable stem cell programs globally for those dealing with kidney disease and over 50 other conditions. To download the FREE Guide to Stem Cell Therapy for Kidney Disease, simply visit

If you would like to obtain a free consultation with R3 Stem Cell to see if regenerative therapies will help you for your kidney disease (or a loved one), call us today at +1(844) GET-STEM.

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