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Intrathecal Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico and Pakistan

Intrathecal Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico and Pakistan

R3 Stem Cell International offers intrathecal treatment with stem cells and exosomes at its locations in both Mexico and Pakistan. The intrathecal treatment works very well for patients with ALS, MS, stroke, dementia and other neurologic disorders.

Why perform an intrathecal procedure? First of all, it’s very safe. This has been shown in numerous peer reviewed papers, such as one published in a 2019 issue of Neural Regeneration Research titled, “Safety of intrathecal injection of Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis therapy”. In that study, over 40 patients received intrathecal stem cells without ANY adverse events.

Most neurologic conditions require high stem cell counts for best outcomes. Applying them right into the central nervous system and IV has provided excellent outcomes. In this video, R3 International Medical Director Ramon De La Puerta, MD, explains the procedure, its safety and why it’s performed!

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