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Dr. David Greene: A Visionary Leader & Expert Professional Adamant at Improving Quality of Life with R3 Stem Cell

Dr. David Greene: A Visionary Leader & Expert Professional Adamant at Improving Quality of Life with R3 Stem Cell

Established in 2012 and spearheaded by David Greene, R3 Stem Cell is delivering effective and safe regenerative therapies in the US & internationally. The company offers products and services internationally to both patients and providers. It has clinics that provide regenerative therapies, along with training workshops that teach providers about regenerative biologics and therapies. In addition, R3 now has sister companies offering products for distribution, practice marketing, and clinical trial research studies around the world.

Leadership Behind Dr. David Greene

An ambitious, aggressive, visionary, and a man of my word! Dr. Greene is a Healthcare Internet Marketing Expert with US Lead Network, and Founder of R3 Stem Cell. He holds degrees from the prestigious Brown University, University of Virginia School of Medicine, and Arizona State University, with a career spanning over 17 years.

Dr. David Greene has been at the forefront of healthcare internet marketing for the past decade, and his companies have helped hundreds of healthcare practices and entities cost-effectively acquire patients through digital efforts. In addition, the renowned entrepreneur formed a regenerative cell therapy company, R3 Stem Cell, which has helped thousands of patients improve their quality of life through nonoperative therapies.

The Beginning

David Greene has always been an entrepreneurial person. After leaving orthopedic practice a dozen years ago, he went to ASU business school and started R3 Stem Cell as a class project. His motivation of helping people around the world obtain a better quality of life became a reality! His ventures are now in 8 countries and have performed over 17,000 stem cell procedures.

Growing R3 Stem Cell to become the Global Leader in regenerative therapies takes up considerable time, but the family means the world to Dr. Greene. So balance is key for him to spend quality time with his wife and little ones too!

What Influenced David’s Decision to be an Author?

He has written two books on healthcare internet marketing and is currently writing several books on regenerative medicine technologies. While most individuals in business want to keep their knowledge private and close to the vest, Dr. Greene does not think like that.

For instance, he knows that medical practice decision-makers do not have the time or skill set to digitally market their practice. So why not write a book and show them who is an expert in it?

The same goes for regenerative medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in stem cell biology, so he is currently writing books on technology to share accurate educational information.

Clients & Unbreakable Faith

R3 Stem Cell has medical practice clients throughout the USA, and many internationally. Also, they have their own clinics as well.

The R3 philosophy entails providing first-rate regenerative therapies to patients that are clinically effective, safe, and the most cost-effective in the world. The team understands that patients will typically need repeat treatments over time. So, they want to be very fair with their procedure cost, while at the same time never compromising on the quality of the biologics.

“When it comes to faith, our outcomes really do speak for themselves. For years, our patient satisfaction rate has been 85% consistently, and currently, our treatments are 35% patient referral-based”, said David Greene.

Major Hiccups on the Way

The business model of R3 Stem Cell has changed over the years several times, which is normal for a business offering new technology in a competitive environment. One of the primary challenges the team has faced over the years has been unscrupulous competitors promoting inaccurate information. Not only has it been unethical, but it’s also a huge disservice to the field and to patients. So, they have put together a ton of accurate educational information for their Provider Training Workshops and the Patient Stem Cell Master Class.

Of course, another challenge has been offering new technologies in the current regulatory environments both in the USA and internationally. Their procedures are safe, effective, and based on peer-reviewed research studies. They are funding several clinical trials as well. It’s extremely expensive but VERY important for moving the field forward (and the company’s credibility).

The Support System

David Greene said, “it’s very important to believe in yourself, and understand that not everything will be perfect on a day-to-day basis. Mistakes will happen, and at times you will need to pivot your business model to move forward. I try to understand not just where the “hockey puck is”, but also “where is it going”. That way, R3 can strive in a competitive environment. I’m not afraid to reinvest into my efforts, as opposed to taking on investors.”

“My father has always been a savvy businessman, and his guidance has been amazing. I also learned a lot in business school at ASU, and during my PhD years. I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything, so I routinely hire consultants to assist whenever needed”, he further added.

Contributing to a more Balanced and Equal Industry

First of all, there are way too many individuals spewing hate in the industry. They revel in lambasting other companies and technologies with false information. David Greene does not work that way. His team relies on data from peer-reviewed publications, and if it doesn’t exist then they don’t “make up” facts. So his suggestion to companies is to stay away from slander and misinformation, as people are not stupid and can see right through it!

Daily Routine & Hobbies

David Greene’s day begins at 6 am, reading the news, and checking through emails. Then, he usually assists the providers with international consultations for a few hours, then working on the projects like clinical trials, or other business development opportunities. In the afternoons he
typically has conference calls, and also, he writes a lot of content for the various clients and websites. He typically works out before dinner and then hangs out with his wife and his kids afterward. The days are busy, but he wouldn’t change anything!

Favourite Book

“I really liked the book Lean Startup. Initially, I had read so many tech articles about Silicon Valley startups with rounds of funding and giving up
equity with continual dilution. Then someone told me about that book, and I learned you don’t necessarily need to go big too soon. So, we’ve maintained very slow, deliberate growth using the principles in the Lean Startup book. It’s a GREAT read!”, shared David Greene when asked about his favorite book.

Future Roadmap

Currently, R3 Stem Cell is growing by sticking to its Mission of offering safe, clinically effective regenerative therapies that are affordable. Our goal is to continue to grow in the USA and internationally, while at the same time moving the field forward with clinical trials to jump through regulatory hurdles for official approvals.

Awards & Milestones

R3 Stem Cell has been honored with many awards over the past few years including Top Biotech Companies 2021, Most Innovative Companies 2021, Best Regenerative Therapies Company USA 2021, etc.

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